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It's hard to believe that I'll be returning to Athens in a little less than a month now. Summer plodded along at a fairly relaxing rate until July hit and the World Cup ended; all of a sudden, the days have been flying by, and already we're in the middle of the month. The World Cup ended with a disappointing Italian victory (disappointing to me, anyway) and an astonishing tarnish of a beautiful soccer career.

Everyone is still abuzz about Zidane's shocking heatbutt against Materazzi during the final game; it's in the news, the papers, and even a few internet spoofs. When I watched it happen, I was absolutely horrified. How could Zidane have done that? How could he have ended his amazing career with such an out of character temper flare? I can't help but think that if Zidane hadn't done it and been cast out of the game with a red card, France might have been able to win.

There have been a lot of rumors about what Materazzi might have said to Zidane that spurred the attack. Most agree that he was viciously insulting Zidane's mother and sister (something about them being terrorists?) and some racial comments to boot. Fortunately, it looks as though Zidane's character in the eyes of the people hasn't been affected; he's been forgiven in a way. Most point fingers at Materazzi for the things he said. All I know is, there's more talk about this incident than the actual Italian victory.

As Lauren has mentioned, Kalan and I are taking a trip up to Athens pretty soon. We're going to spend the day in Atlanta (hellooo Why Knot Knit!) and head over to Athens when Lauren gets off work. I need to give Eric a call and let him know when we're coming; he offered us a place to crash for the night at his apartment, which is awesome. We'll all go to dinner together and hang out, which I'm really looking forward to. I've saved up some money for the trip because I know I'll be buying some stuff in Atlanta. Hee.

Speaking of buying stuff, I finally got around to ordering the yarn for Kacie's sweater a few days ago. The website I ordered from offers free shipping for orders over $75, and since I was past that point anyway, I decided to order some sock yarn while I was there. In the meantime, I'm trying to finish a pair of socks I've been working on before the yarn arrives. I need to dedicate the rest of my knitting time to that sweater so I can finish it before I go back to Athens, which shouldn't be a problem. I can't wait until all the yarn I ordered gets here; sometimes I think I love yarn a little too much.

Kalan has a big Calc test tomorrow, so he went home early today to study. He called me about forty minutes ago to tell me that it was all clicking, so I'm confident he'll do well.

Porcupine Tree have announced a few more dates in the U.S. for their tour, and I'm hoping they'll go to a few more towns. They haven't named any in the south, so maybe--just maybe, they'll come back to Atlanta. Pretty please? I suppose we'll see what happens.


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