CCT2: Squats and Twigs.
My extensive day began at about 8:30 this morning when Kristen and I managed to drag ourselves out of bed and go to the gym. Well, it's not really a gym per se--more like a fitness room in a Methodist church. I questioned Mom if it was okay with the church for non-christians such as myself to use their fitness room, but she assured me no one would be running me out, Bibles in hand for "introducing" the Good News to me via the back of my head. I'm holding her to her word, but so far so good.

I had strength training today, so I hunted down the 5-pound free weights (for my complete lack of upper body strength) and worked down the list. One of my sets required a pair of cables, so I had to dance around a group of women doing aerobics in the room next door to acquire them. After jumping around the cables like an idiot for a few sets, I endured the gauntlet of limbs flailing in time to some remixed Lindsay Lohan ditty once again and managed to make it out unscathed.

Today's strength training included an unholy amount of squats, and by the end of it, it took all of my strength to hobble down the stairs without keeling over. I wanted to have a little lie-down for a minute when I got home, but I had a busy day ahead of me, so I had to hold myself up long enough to take a shower.

I met up with Kalan, and we actually had some rare alone time together for an hour or two. We were up and running pretty soon after, but this time it was for an awesome lunch date at Golden Chopsticks with Peter. We discovered that the lunch special was ultimately the better deal over the dinner special, and we lunched heartily. We dropped by Target where I bought a few more things than I originally intended, but I did find an interesting candle. Most candles nowadays have very fanciful names like "Whisper Forest" or "Lotus Fantasy," but the candle I bought was named simply "Twigs." A little modest, especially for a candle that smells pretty good. It has a nice woodsy scent, not that perfumey at all. "Twigs" seems so . . . underwhelming for a scent name. Go figure.

We dropped by Ivette's workplace and killed some time with a few fierce games of Connect Four. I mocked Kalan for going down so quickly against Peter, but I didn't really notice the foot in my mouth until Peter kicked my ass as well. At least I beat him once in a thrilling game of endurance. And then Kalan popped that balloon by owning me in the last two games before Ivette got off work. Bwah.

We bought a few snacks at the Asian grocery store before parting ways. Kalan and I popped by Hobby Lobby and Staples where I bought a few good steals (can anyone say "1 gig external hard drive for $15"?) and then brought home some dinner. Kalan and I relaxed in my room until he left at ten. And now I sit here in my Twiggy-scented room, blogging. I am exhausted from all the running around today, and tomorrow won't be any easier: I'll be up at 8:00 am for more exercise and going to work at 1:15 in the afternoon. Hopefully I'll find time to actually knit tomorrow. If the fates allow!
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