Summer's So Close, I Can Smell It.
'Ello, all! Everyone's gearing up for finals, and I'm suspiciously nonchalant-feeling about them. I have a feeling I won't study as much as I probably should, but it'll be okay. The one I'm most worried about (2990) is my first one, so at least I'm knocking it out right away. Thursday is my Cognitive Neuroscience final, and Friday is for Abnormal Psych. A restful weekend, then my French final on Monday. Of course, my first three finals are all at 8 am, which bleh, but at least they'll be done with. The French one's at noon, so I'll have a nice morning to sleep in beforehand.

Even better, Kalan's coming up this Sunday! He's going to stay with me until Tuesday when we pack up the rest of the stuff that Lauren and the fam leave from Sunday and drive home to Columbus. We're going to have to live without television for three days (since neither of us wants to lug that huge thing home), but I think we'll survive. We're going to see Hot Fuzz sometime while we're still in Athens, and I can't wait. It looks awesome.

Fortunately, Lauren put up all the pics from the Vampire Party on her Flickr account, so pop on over there if you want to see the good time had by all. I know I will.

As for knitting, I finished one of the Pomatomus socks a few days ago, as you can see. Excessive clutter behind said sock is a result of having to rearrange the room to debunk the beds, so sorry about that, neat freak readers. But, I'm very happy with how the sock turned out, and the yarn is just beautiful in those scales. I definitely won't be able to finish the second one by the end of today, but at least I got one done, right? Shut up. Let me feel happy!

I took a break from the socks and knit myself a real kickass hat from a pattern I found on Craftster. It was a cinch to make, and it's become my new favorite hat.

Don't I look happy? It stays on really well, too--I haven't once experienced it sliding off my head or anything throughout the day. This style of hat seems like it would be really good for dreads too, for anyone who has them and might be interested. I tweaked the pattern just a bit so it would fit better, and I'm very happy with the results.

As far as current projects go, with my stash currently in Columbus (I'll be home soon, babies. Shh--don't cry), I've got the other Pomatomus and a sunglasses case made out of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Taupe. I love this yarn; since it's half acrylic, it's a lot loftier than normal cotton yarn. I might even make a shirt or something out of it later.

But for now, I need to buckle down and study. Do I have the will power? I don't know, but I'll try anyway. Wish me luck.

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