DIY Surgery.
So, the Vampire Party on Friday was nothing short of amazing--and it was huge, to boot. A ton of people came, so many that it was hard getting around that house after a while. All the cool people came dressed like different vampires, the best one of all being Randy, who was a Mexican vampire (complete with poncho and sombrero). I was a Lolita-style vampire, and I brought one of my harlequin dolls with me to finish off the look. Radam (aka, RA Adam) came as God, which was still awesome, so we gave him a pass. The costume that took the cake, however, was Peter's friend Kirk, who was an alien vampire. It was amazing.

At the party, I finally got to meet this girl who's in both my Psych 2990 and Cognitive Neuroscience classes; I found out her name is Amanda. We're both going into clinical psychology, which is cool, and it was fun to talk to her. I really should be more social in class; I miss out on meeting cool people otherwise.

By around 1:00 am, the party was at it's hugest, and Lauren, Kirk, and I were ready to go. Peter dropped Lauren and I off at O-House and took Kirk home after that. Turns out the police broke up the party not too long after, so we left at a good time. Overall, it was a great party, and I'm glad I was able to make it.

The weekend, like most of my weekends, has been time for recuperation from the week's stresses. Peter and I went on an adventure yesterday to find a Korean food store for snacks, but after nearly an hour of searching (and driving into Watkinsville), we called it quits and went to Publix instead. Even though we ultimately couldn't find what we wanted, it was a fun adventure nonetheless. I spent the rest of the night knitting on Pomatomus, which is turning out great after a little surgery on Friday.

What does knitting surgery look like, you ask? Well, it looks a little like this:

A few days ago, I was knitting the gusset for Pomatomus and decided that I was so awesome, I didn't need to look at the chart anymore. What I didn't realize was that Chart B deviates from Chart A in the middle, so after five rows of screwing the pattern up, I decided to double-check my progress. Lo and behold, I fucked up the lace part of the sock. I really didn't want to have to re-knit the stockinette and the decreases, so I decided to try another method I had learned. Instead of frogging the entire thing, you isolate the incorrect part of the knitted item and only rip that part back, leaving you with loops from the ripped-back rows. So, I ripped back the five rows of incorrect lacework, labelled them, and pinned them back so I could arrange them without tangling them up. I unpinned them individually and paperclipped them together so they could hang back, once again, without tangling. Finally, I took up each loop and, following the chart closely, I reknit each row until all the loops were knitted back into the sock.

The results? Can't even tell I messed up in the first place. I love this correction method, and I'm definitely going to use it more in the future. There's nothing I hate more than having to rip back a ton of knitting to correct one thing, which is why, if the error's small enough, I usually leave it as a testament to how much I've improved later. But when you fuck up five rows of lacework, it's pretty obvious, and correction was in order.

What's more, I was listening to Porcupine Tree's newest album Fear of a Blank Planet as I was fixing Pomatomus. It was the most badass background music for intensive knitting surgery ever, I tell you. Also, the album itself is amazing and exceeded all of my expectations, so check it out. I'll give a more in-depth review of it later.

I've got work tonight, so Lauren, Peter, and I are going to Choo-Choo's for dinner at five. There's a bibimbob there with my name on it, so later, folks.


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