The Biology of French.
Three down; two to go.

My finals seem to be going all right. I haven't had a lot of trouble with them. The hardest part has been motivating myself to actually study. The downside of having all of my finals spread out is the days and days of constant studying, so it gets old very quickly. I need to make sure I study for my Bio final, because I really haven't looked over much of the new material yet.

My studying hasn't impeded on my knitting time, however:

The blocking idea worked like a charm; the stitches are all beautifully straight again. I'm looking forward to knitting up the second, but I might need to save that for the ride home on Thursday. My Bio final is ever ominous.

I feel like my Astronomy final went okay today; although, I did catch some bastard cheating. The guy was sitting two seats away from me, carefully laying out his notes on the floor. When he got his exam (we don't have a very organized way of passing out exams, so the room was pretty chaotic), he pulled his textbook out onto his desk and began looking up answers on his test. What the hell? How dense is this guy? So I asked him if he was looking up answers, and he gave me a look. I told him to put the book away--he snorted at me like I was the dumbass. So, when I went downstairs to get some scratch paper, I let Dr. Magnani know what was going on. I studied my ass off for that final, and I'll be damned if someone's going to cheat right beside me on it.

Seamus, Lauren, and I went to Inoko's today for an early dinner; Seamus paid for me as a Christmas present, which was very sweet. The food was really good, and I had plenty of leftovers. I'm still stuffed, actually. It was definitely a nice break from all the studying I've been doing.

I've got part of my work schedule set up over the holidays, and it looks like I'll be working quite a bit. The money will be nice to have--I'll be needing a little extra since the holidays tend to eat it up so quickly. I got a raise over the Thanksgiving holiday, so now I make more there than I do at Bolton. If only I had a way to get to the mall in Athens, I would just transfer to that one.

Well, the French is calling me. My French final starts at 8 am tomorrow morning, so I should get some sleep. Good night.


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