Return to Athens.
Oh Athens, how I've missed thee.

Seriously, it's nice to be back; things have been going pretty well around here. I love living in Oglethorpe (no more Brumbs, thank God!), and my classes are all agreeable. Especially my French 3010 class: French Cinema for Conversation, fuck yes! We're going to watch a lot of really great French movies and basically write and talk about them. We just watched "Jean de Florette" (so good, and so sad! Poor Jean!), and next we'll be watching "Amélie." I love that movie so much.

I'm back at Bolton, and it is mind-numbingly boring there; even more than I remember. Let's just say I'd rather work an 8-hour shift at my job in Columbus than a 4-hour with a break at Bolton. At least in Columbus I'm actually talking to and helping out customers; at Bolton I have to turn my brain off just to get through the day. Joe usually isn't there when I'm working anyway, so the smocks just run amok until a blackshirt gets there. I hope I can get used to the boredom soon; I'm probably going to poke around for another job in the meantime.

I reunited with all of my UGA friends, which is great. I actually spent the evening with everyone at Randy and Collin's house; we had enchiladas and rampant nudity all around. With coonskin hats and sombreros, too. I also have been running into Daniel a lot on campus; I need to call him sometime so we can hang out. I missed him over the summer--even if he does hate French. Stupid.

Latest musical obsession: Megaherz. And Eisbrecher to boot. God, I'm in love with their music right now. I listen to them on my iPod all the time when I'm going to class, and I can't get enough of it. I'm just sad that Mathias has already left the band, but he does have a rapidly-increasing family to tend to. Good luck with those twins, Mathias!

Well, it's about 1:43 am right now, so I should be off to bed. I've got a full day of class and work to look forward to, so I needs some sleep. Goodnight, all.
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Je t'ai croisée
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Et j'ai jeté sur ta silhouette
Une poignée d'épices colorées
Mon but était clair
Tout en restant
Libre-moi et libre-toi
Car le roi de l'amour
N'a plus besoin d'esclaves

Adieu, adieu la nuit
Adieu tristesse, adieu les larmes
Je ne suis plus celui
Que tu as connu, plus le même
Ô bel enfant
Qui a tant pleuré
Adieu tout est fini
Adieu les larmes, adieu la nuit

Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour
Alors nous nous sommes séparés
Comme déjà saturés des délices du futur
Et j'ai marché seul
Guidé par ton ombre
J'ai traversé la ville déserte
Encore étincelante
Du voyage des rêveurs

Je t'ai croisé un samedi soir
Et déjà j'aimais l'odeur de ton rire
Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour

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