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So it's the middle of May and my first year in college is officially: over. Got all my grades today and they're just about what I expected. Well, almost, really. Philosophy (B), Stat (B), and World Literature (A) were expected, but French (B) and Human Geography (A) were not. Damn, a B in French? What the hell is that? I've never (re: never) gotten a B in French--not in any of the past five French classes I've taken. To be honest, I'm incredibly embarrassed about it. It must have been the final--I suppose I made a B on it after all. Good lord--I hide my face in shame.

However, the Geography grade was a fantastic surprise. I must've kicked ass on the final and gotten an A or something. I was totally expecting a B there. Looks like I'm maintaining my 3.4 GPA. Sweet.

Music news: first of all, not really very recent news, but for those of you not keeping track, Silverchair have been playing small venues throughout Australia and are starting to write their next album. If it's not obvious, I am absolutely ecstatic about this. For a long time I've speculated about whether or not they would ever make any more music together on this blog, and now they've granted my wish. Oh, happy day!

Here's something unexpected (to me, anyway): The Smashing Pumpkins have officially gotten back together and are currently writing new music together as well. Isn't that bizarre? I guess since Zwan and Billy's solo career didn't quite work out, he decided to go back to the source. Is anyone as shocked as I am? I really don't know how I feel about it. I mean, I'm glad that they'll be writing music again and everything, but for those of you who know me, you know that they broke up right around the time when the shit started hitting the fan a few years ago. So, I have a lot of stuff surrounding that time; their coming back together seems like it's . . . not supposed to happen, you know? Like, if Michael can't just come back, then why can the Smashing Pumpkins? It feels really strange to me. I know it's a bit childish to say, but I just feel like they shouldn't be able to come back if Michael can't.

So, I'm back in Columbus for the summer. It's been bittersweet, I'd say--no real drama going on just yet (stress on the "yet"), but there has been friction. Mom's been pressuring me to get a job immediately (I've been in town for two days and she's been breathing down me neck the entire time). Now, I know I should get a job for the summer and I've been planning on doing so--I've got some applications and am going to fill them out as soon as I can figure out the travel situation. I have no car and won't be getting one any time soon, so I have to figure out a workable carpool system. I just wish Mom wouldn't be stressing me out so much to get a job immediately. I've got my sights set on A.C. Moore because it's close to the house and sells some really nice yarn (hello, discount!). But, if they won't hire me there, I know Hobby Lobby more than likely will; they had applications just sitting out on a table, so they must be in need of employees. Kalan's looking around for another job too, so he might be working at a craft store as well. I'm going to start filling out applications tonight.

Stan is and Mom are playing Gamecube with Stan's kids Drew and Ty-ty, and it reminds me of when I was a kid. Except, you know, with much better graphics. When I was there age (insert old lady imitation here, right?) I was playing the goddamned Nintendo, and I loved it, man. Played Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt and all that other hooplah. My little stepbrothers are playing stuff like Kirby's Air Ride and Mario Kart Double Dash. Spoiled, I say! You learn to appreciate games when you start off with all the golden, 8-bit, 2-d beauties of yesteryear. Kids these days.

But yeah, Animal Crossing: Wild World? Totally. Hooked. I nearly spazzed today when I found that one of my favorite neighbors from the Gamecube version had moved into my cute little neighborhood of Purldrop: Gaston, the cranky mustachioed yellow rabbit who always says "mon chou." Because he totally rocks. So I've been all stalker with him and talk to him every chance I get and send him presents in the mail. He shall never leave my town, no matter what. Bwah!

Hoo, that's all outta me for now. I'm gonna go knit some more.
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