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So, I've submitted a few applications for a summer job. Now all I can really do is look around for other jobs just in case and wait to see if anyone wants me. I'm really hoping that A.C. Moore will call me back because I want to work at a craft store; I know a lot about their merchandise and I think I would be a good help. Hopefully I'll get a job soon and I'll be able to start saving up some money.

Life in the house has been like it's always been. There has been some Mom-and-Kristen drama, and I'm not surprised in the least. They've been clashing a lot, and it can get pretty intense. I hope Kristen will learn someday to work with Mom and let her know what she's doing and stop drinking until she at least gets to college and blah blah. Their tiffs have been stressing me out, and I try to not be around when they happen, but the last one happened when I was trapped in the car, so I couldn't get away. I hate drama so much. Cooperation and communication are amazing things.

Speaking of drama: the Getting Lauren to Athens fiasco is over as far as I know. Mom's letting Lauren go up to Athens to look for a job, and if she can get one, then I believe Mom will let her stay there. Yay for Lauren! I hope Mom doesn't change her mind. I tell you, this whole thing was so much more trouble than it should have been. Breaking away from the nest is pretty damn hard around here. Mom's been breathing down my neck about my joblessness (still), but I've got the applications out there, so it's just a matter of time.

I went walking around our neighborhood the other day, and I must say it's very cute. A lot smaller than I expected, but it's very peaceful. It's populated mostly (if not completely) by cute little one-story houses with fairly large, well-groomed lawns. People here are serious about their lawn upkeep. There are no huge sloping hills in the neighborhood, just gently rolling, almost completely flat roads. Perfect for recreational bikeriding. Man, I miss my bike. If I make enough money over the summer, I was thinking about buying one.

During my walk, I took the opportunity to listen to Camille's most recent album "Le Fil." Very good album. I like how each song is connected by a string (hence the name of the album) of a single tone throughout the entire CD; it's always there in the background. I love how it's simple and complex at the same time. Camille uses very little actual instruments and relies mostly on her own voice for harmonies, imitating instruments herself, and even some beatboxing. It's definitely very different, but I love it. Some of my favorite songs include "Ta Douleur" (whose video depicts Camille getting attacked by a long thread of yarn knitting a tube dress around her), "Assise" (love the harmonization), "Pale Septembre," and "Au Port" (which I saw her perform on Taratata). Camille is an extremely fascinating artist.

I cast on a new sweater for myself the other day. It's the Plaid Turtleneck from the men's issue of Knit 1. I changed the main color of the sweater because I thought Chestnut Heather was a little too red; I replaced it with brown. I got most of the yarn on sale, so the entire sweater cost me about 12 bucks. This'll (hopefully) be my last yarn project purchase for the summer, save the sweater I'm making Kacie for the Sweater Swap. That yarn's gonna cost me over $80, so needless to say I won't be buying much else after that. It should be a damn good sweater when I'm done with it.


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