Procrastination Shall No Longer be My Master.
Oh lovely, lovely weekend. Fortunately, I haven't been a bum this weekend like I usually am--I spent all day yesterday writing my Philosophy paper and studying for my Geography test on Tuesday. I'm especially proud of myself that I've started studying for this test three days in advance. Hopefully that means I'll do well on it.

Today should be similar to yesterday; I'm just postponing the work right now. See what it takes to get me to update this thing?

Speaking of updating, I've been thinking about getting Lauren to make me a new blog layout. I'm not quite sure of what the next theme will be (this Porcupine Tree one is just lovely--too bad I haven't updated a lot lately), but I've been thinking about an Arthur H one. I've really been into Chanson lately (especially Arthur H, M, and Da Silva), so that might be my next theme. I've been meaning to look up Camille sometime because I liked the songs she performed on Taratata back in February. She's a little strange, but that's just fine with me. What I've heard of her music is good, and I've never been a stickler for strange artists. The more the merrier, I say.

Peter and I were talking about Dredg the other day at dinner, and Randy scoffed at us: "You guys like Dredg? They're such retards." Apparently Randy had gone to a Dredg concert a few months ago and told us that the band was wearing clown suits and smoking pot onstage. We told Randy that it doesn't stop us from liking their music--I happen to adore their albums. It really doesn't matter to me if the band is unlikable or bad. I told Randy that the lead singer of Noir Desir, Bertrand Cantat, killed his girlfriend a few years ago. I think he's a huge sack of Eurotrash, but that doesn't mean I don't like his music. It always helps if the artist himself is likeable, but what's most important is the music.

While we're on the topic, Dredg's newest album "Catching Without Arms" is fantastic, so check it out. It's got a different feel than "El Cielo," but it's a good evolution, and it still retains some of the old sound as well. I love watching bands' sounds evolve and grow; I don't know why some people get so offended when that happens. It's a fantastic thing to study. My favorites on the album are "Ode to the Sun," "Bug Eyes," "Zebraskin," and "Sang Real." Check it out, my friends--it's a good listen.
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Mon but était clair
Tout en restant
Libre-moi et libre-toi
Car le roi de l'amour
N'a plus besoin d'esclaves

Adieu, adieu la nuit
Adieu tristesse, adieu les larmes
Je ne suis plus celui
Que tu as connu, plus le même
Ô bel enfant
Qui a tant pleuré
Adieu tout est fini
Adieu les larmes, adieu la nuit

Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour
Alors nous nous sommes séparés
Comme déjà saturés des délices du futur
Et j'ai marché seul
Guidé par ton ombre
J'ai traversé la ville déserte
Encore étincelante
Du voyage des rêveurs

Je t'ai croisé un samedi soir
Et déjà j'aimais l'odeur de ton rire
Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour

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