Traces of the Year 2000.
July 22, 2000 Saturday

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 8 this morning and took a shower. I fixed my hair and got ready to go to Michael's house. Lauren and I were soon ready and waited for Dad to wake up. Well, by 10, we were getting tired of waiting, so I woke him up. Dad changed and drove us to the Miles house. I ate a Pop Tart in the way there. When we got there, we found Mom and Mrs. Miles working at the garage sale. 2 people were there at the moment. Lauren and I went upstairs to Michael's room. We found him working at some old songs he had written a while ago. He put that away and hooked up Lauren's bass. We then played "Blue Skies Bring Tears". I remembered all of it. Michael then began to teach us "Stand Inside Your Love" by the Smashing Pumpkins. I had to learn a tricky chord, so it took me a couple minutes to get the song down pat, but I got it. We went through the song a couple times and went downstairs. We went to the computer room and found Jonathan reading the paper. Michael got on the computer and tried to scan the Perfect Circle booklet, but the scanner wouldn't work. We tried a couple times, and Jonathan tried too, but it wouldn't work. That's kinda weird. We all talked some and Lauren went on the internet to check on her website. It was doing well. She showed Jonathan a story she had written for a contest and he said that he was very impressed. He also said she was going to kick some major ass in high school. I playfully wrestled with Michael and got his watch. Dad came into the house 'cuz he wanted to hear us play. Everyone gathered into Michael's room and we first played "Blue Skies Bring Tears" as the Rotten Melons. We then played "Stand Inside Your Love". They thought it was really good. I'm glad (^-^). We then had to leave. I gave Michael back his watch. We piled into the van and left. Mom gave me the camera I wanted from the garage sale. When we got home, I got the mail and brought it inside. I finally got "Threads of Fate"! Yay! I couldn't wait to play it, but Eric was playing FFVII. I watched him play and got ready for church. Mom dropped us off at 4:15. Rusty was there with Mrs. Cambell. The bass player, trumpet player, and flute player soon got there. We practiced and headed off to the church. Father Shreck did today's Mass. During the Responsorial Psalm, Mrs. Cambell spread her arms out to indicate that everyone should sing then. Her hand got right in my face. I looked at Mom and saw her stifling a laugh. I smiled. It was hard not to laugh myself. The Mass continued smoothly. After Mass, I played "Threads of Fate" until dinner. We had fried chicken. After dinner, I played "Threads of Fate" until 11. All the while I waited for Michael to call. He never did, though; I guess he was busy. Eric, Lauren, and I watched a taped episode of "Tenchi Muyo" and got ready for bed. Eric came into our room and showed us the finished Sephiroth comic. It is so funny! I liked the part with Sephiroth and Cid the most. We then went to bed.

~Diary #4

Side Note: This is the diary Peter gave to me near the last day of school when I was in the seventh grade. I even glued the To and From tag into the first page of the book. I've always liked Peter's handwriting. Thank you so much for the diary, Peter!
Unknown at 12:37 AM

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  ¢ âge:  Twenty-One
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Je t'ai croisée
Un samedi soir
Et j'ai jeté sur ta silhouette
Une poignée d'épices colorées
Mon but était clair
Tout en restant
Libre-moi et libre-toi
Car le roi de l'amour
N'a plus besoin d'esclaves

Adieu, adieu la nuit
Adieu tristesse, adieu les larmes
Je ne suis plus celui
Que tu as connu, plus le même
Ô bel enfant
Qui a tant pleuré
Adieu tout est fini
Adieu les larmes, adieu la nuit

Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour
Alors nous nous sommes séparés
Comme déjà saturés des délices du futur
Et j'ai marché seul
Guidé par ton ombre
J'ai traversé la ville déserte
Encore étincelante
Du voyage des rêveurs

Je t'ai croisé un samedi soir
Et déjà j'aimais l'odeur de ton rire
Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour

~Arthur H 

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