Deadwing's Release Date Has Been Set!
Wonderful Porcupine Tree news! It's been confirmed that their new album Deadwing is going to be released in America on April 19th on Lava Records. The final tracklist is as follows:

1. Deadwing (9.46)
2. Shallow (4.17)
3. Lazarus (4.18)
4. Halo (4.38)
5. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (12.02)
6. Mellotron Scratch (6.57)
7. Open Car (3.46)
8. The Start of Something Beautiful (7.39)
9. Glass Arm Shattering (6.12)

Ah, very exciting! Of course, Europe gets the CD on March 28th, and most of the European tour dates have already been confirmed, but whatever. Silly Europeans. Don't forget to check out the Deadwing microsite for some very interesting video clips and what looks like a summary of some bizarre story. Is it for a music video? Is it the story of the entire album? I'm very interested in finding out.

I just got home from Trio practice, and I am exhausted--Lauren (not my sister), Laura, and I stood in front of Mrs. Vinson and sang our songs for her while she hammered out the errors we made. Of course, we still aren't gelling like we need to as a trio, so we'll basically be practicing every day until Literary Meet next Friday. We're singing "Alice Blue Gown" and "Hotaru Koi," a Japanese children's folk song. "Alice Blue Gown" is in its original three-part form, and it's very tonal, so we have to make sure we sing it perfectly. "Hotaru Koi" has me singing by myself a lot of the time, and there's one note that I keep missing for some reason, so I need to work that one out some more. Mrs. Wilkes is going to help us with choreography on Friday, so we'll have to practice even harder to make everything perfect. Literary Meet is a whole lot closer than most of us realize!

Yesterday was the busiest day of the week, so it's more or less downhill from here; I only have some Trig to do tonight, thank God. I had two presentations to do today, and I only got through one and a half of them; the first group to present in AP Lit took up an entire hour with theirs, so my group will have to present our dramatic portrayal and video clips on Friday. Fortunately, Lauren (yes, this one's my sister) is in both groups of my two presentations, so the work wasn't as bad as it could have been.

The only downside to the rest of this week? I have to write an essay for AP French that's due this Friday. One may think that's not so bad, but consider what happened yesterday, and you'll see why I'm not looking forward to writing it:

While Mrs. Chuites was gone yesterday during AP French, we were supposed to write an essay. In the essay, we were supposed to discuss the means of security companies and schools impose nowadays (such as ID tags and video cameras) to ensure the safety of its employees/students/etc., the validity of such means, whether or not they truly work, and if they impede on our personal freedom. The catch? We had to write the essay (of course) in French, in at least 300 words, and in under 50 minutes. That is incredibly difficult to do. Mrs. Chuites has a knack for picking essay questions that would require some real thinking and organization if it were in English, let alone French. One can go only so far with four years of French under her belt.

So that was the plan for yesterday--only it didn't quite work out that way (shut up, I know I rhymed). See, when a teacher goes on a field trip, they tell their class to go to another class room where they can be watched and such. Mrs. Summerford's class ended up coming to our room, and there were a LOT of people--at least fifteen. And they were LOUD. To make things worse, they watched a video while they were in there, too. Everyone in AP French agreed that we absolutely could not write our essays with so many distractions, so we did our homework instead, hoping Mrs. Chuites would understand.

She did, fortunately; she apologized to us today, saying she Mrs. Summerford didn't tell her so many people were coming (she thought four or five), let alone that they were going to watch a video. So, Mrs. Chuites assigned the essay for us to do at home to be turned in this Friday. I'm not sure when I'll get on it. I'd bet anything I'll procrastinate until tomorrow night, though.

Oh, one more piece of music news before I go: as I've said before, Silverchair sang at Waveaid at the end of January. I managed to find some great video clips of their performance on the internet, and they are absolutely fantastic; the quality of the clips is great. If I have the patience, I might post one or two of my favorites. Daniel Johns took me by surprise--he's incredibly buff now. He's still got that nasty beard stuff growing, and his hair's really short, but my God is he muscular. It's odd to me because he used to be such a skinny boy--with the anorexia and all. It's nice to see that he's good and healthy nowadays. And I forgot he has pierced nipples; am I the only one who thinks of door knockers when I see pierced nipples? Anyway, it was absolutely fantastic seeing Silverchair perform together again. I hope they make another album some day.

Whew, that is enough blogging for me. Hopefully that should make up for my absence for now! I'll try to update again soon, what few readers I have left. Tchao.
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