Two More Weeks to Freedom!

Well, only two more weeks until this semester is over, which is really good for me. I personally can't wait until then--I got a ton of new videogames for my birthday, and I've been itching to vegetate in front of the TV screen for a few hours to get through them. This week is fairly full of tests, French oral interview, the Social tomorrow, and an ensemble performance at Wynnton, wherever that is. Still, not as bad as some weeks have been.

Before I go any further--hooray for Kalan's and my nine-month anniversary! It's weird how we'v been together for nine months now. That's like, a pregnancy.

Mom had to get a wisdom tooth pulled, so she's over at Stan's apartment recuperating. Stan took us home from school and brought us some pizza for dinner. He's so nice! I like it when he comes over. He said he was going to bring us something tomorrow that we're really going to like--I think it's some sort of cake or something. Stan's a really good cook, so I know it's going to be good.

Had another fun Zoology test today. It actually wasn't as bad as I had thought; I studied all the right things, so I think I did pretty well. I'm going to miss having Coach Oliver as a teacher next semester, but I am not going to miss his tests. His final frightens me--no multiple choice, there is certainly going to be an identification section, and we will have to memorize a huge chunk of taxonomy. Fortunately, I'm sure I'll have an A in that class, so I don't have to worry about taking it, thank God. I feel sorry for all the poor saps who do.

I'm currently obsessed with Porcupine Tree. I got the DVD audio for In Absentia, which has three bonus tracks and three music videos. The bonus tracks are "Drown with Me," "Chloroform," and "Futile," and they're all very good. I think I like "Drown with Me" because of the harmonizing and acoustic guitars. Steve Wilson actually shows some more emotion in "Futile," so that's cool. Lauren makes fun of him by saying he does nothing but sigh all day. Awesome guitarist, Steve. I love his guitar solos. And his lyrics. And his voice.

Tomorrow's the infamous Social. Since I'm in ensemble, I have to perform, so, once again, I am forced to wear my chorus dress. Just once I wish I could wear my own dress to it, but oh well. It'll be fun being in the spotlight. I really hope the food is as good as last year's was--I would say better, but that might be pushing it a bit. Last year seemed to be a freak accident. Oh, the Social's not going to be the same without Peter! I miss you so much!

Hm, I'm in a guitar mood. I'm going to go skip off and play mine a little bit. Tchao!
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