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The Social last night was actually a lot of fun--the decorations were very pretty. There was a lot of red, and teddy bears were scattered everywhere. We couldn't steal the centerpieces because they were numbered, and I heard over the intercom today that the teachers could come by the office and pick one up if they wanted. I wish they had raffled them off like they did with the Christmas trees two years ago. The food was actually pretty good too, and we had cheesecake this year instead of that weird whipped-cream with mint syrup thing that we usually have. I liked last year's food better (aside from the dessert), but I still really liked this year's. We got some big gel candles this year as well, as opposed to the tiny ones we got two years ago. Overall, I was pleased with the Social this year.

Broda showed us a video on television and the presidency this morning, and he was constantly stopping it to talk to us about things that were about to happen. He got especially excited during the Eisenhower commercials and the Nixon v Kennedy debate. Broda's a little odd.

Instead of a test on the chapter we're studying in Zoology, Coach Oliver wants us to write endangered species accounts of an endangered invertebrate, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal to be turned in on Monday. Although he's asking for a lot of information, it doesn't seem too difficult; I just need to look up statistics for each animal and write maybe a page on them. Just as long as I have all the information, I don't think he cares how long it is. That's the nice thing about classes like AP Gov and Zoology--the only important thing is the facts, not how you write them. I'm going to try and get one of them done each night so I don't end up doing all of them on Sunday night. We'll see if I actually follow through that.

I had one of those new Diet Sprite Zero things a few minutes ago, and I'm really surprised; it actually tastes better than I expected. It's defnitely a lot better than normal Diet Sprites, and it tastes very similar to a normal Sprite. I am confused but pleased.

I found out a few days ago that Trent Reznor has pushed the date back on Nine Inch Nails's new album to next year, which irritates me. That's exactly what Porcupine Tree did. I can understand why Porcupine Tree had to delay theirs, what with Blackfield touring right now and all, but what has Trent been doing lately? It's not like he released an album recently; it's been five years already. God, the man is slow. According to the website, the album apparently is going to be called "With Teeth" or something. Wonder what that's all about.

I have to go sing at Wynnton Baptist Church tonight with the ensemble, and I'm a little less than thrilled. I'm just not in the mood today, and at some point I need to study for my Humanities test. I should be studying right now, now that I think about it; I need to get my butt off the internet pretty soon.

Alright, that's good enough for now. Later!
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