There is Such a Thing as Too Much Feminism.

My blog was giving me the ol' big sparkly eyes thing, so I decided to update. When I get the chance to go on the internet, most of the time I feel too lazy to do anything that requires thought, so I don't pay a visit to the old Blogger. I really should do so more often. But hey, here I am again!

Well, All-State auditions are next Saturday, and I can't say that I'm not nervous. I haven't exactly been to too many practices, but when I am there, I don't have a problem with the exercises. I know I should practice tonal memory a little more (singing back a series of notes that are played--harder than it looks!) because I haven't been doing that lately. I think that was one of the two things I screwed up on last year. I have to get into All-State this year because I've made it for the past three, and I found out yesterday that Mrs. Vinson's picked me to be in the All District chorus this year. That's going to be in January. See, the crazy thing about these specialty choirs is that we don't practices a few days a week for a few weeks before the concert--we get the music two days before the concert and spend just about the entire day in rehearsal, which can be rather grueling. But hey, we do sound good.

I've been making a cloth doll for the past week, and it's having its ups and downs. We don't have a sewing machine at the moment because Mom lent it to a coworker, so I've had to sew the entire doll by hand, which is a very slow process, and the finished product won't be as neat. I'm alright with that because it's a new doll pattern that I haven't tried yet, so it's a sort of "test drive" doll. It has very similar physical characteristics of a marrionnette, except the limbs aren't jointed. It's a doll more suited for display than handling. I'm still not quite sure what to make it into after the body's put together, and I can't even do that until I get a 3-inch needle. I wonder if Mrs. Vazquez has one? What am I saying, she probably does. That woman can sew.

As for the title of this entry, we've read yet another feminist story in AP Lit, and it's driving me nuts. It was the basic "men are chauvinistic jerks" and "women are smarter" type deal, and I was cringing throughout the whole thing. Why can't Mrs. Portwood pick stories that are a little more varied? Lauren and I have joked that we want to read a story about a white Protestant male just to mix it up some.

Whew, all that blogging made me tired. I'm going to go to Snopes to rot my brain out some more.
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