There are times when you have a huge paper to write, and you're at the computer, and it feels like you have to absolutely squeeze the last ounces of brain juice you have out to get it done? Yeah, that's how I felt a few minutes ago when I had to write a 2-3 paged analysis on a short story I've never read before. Mrs. Portwood didn't describe our assignment very well either, so everyone on the AP Lit board is going nuts trying to figure out what to do. Fortunately, I managed to force Lauren to ask Mrs. Portwood some questions about it while I was at All State practice, so we basically knew what to do. But damn, I am just not in a paper-writing mood. Urgh, I need to do something brainless for a while--like drool in front of the TV or something.

Mrs. Vazquez gave me a TON of new stuff for making my dolls. One of the coolest of the stuff she gave me is a set of shiney new needles, ranging from an inch long to ten freakin' inches, baby! Holy crap, I have never seen such a huge sewing needle before. I need the ten-inch needle for the next doll I'm making, which involved threading lots of stuffed balls of cloth together for the arms and legs. Sounds funky I know, but it'll look really cute when it's done.

Speaking of dolls, I finished the body of the one I was talking about before. Kalan bought me some needles when we went out on Saturday, and I ended up using the five-inch needle to attach the legs, so I'm very grateful to Kalan for them. I thought long and hard about how I should dress the doll up, but it seems so inherently masculine to me now that I simply can't see it as a female doll. I rather like its simplicity as well, so I think I'm going to keep it the way it is. it has a nice marionnette look to it, so I think I'll string it up and carry it around on Halloween to go with my Homunculus costume for school. Either that or I'll just carry it sans strings. I'll try to post pictures of my dolls as soon as I can get my hands on either Mom's or Lauren's camera. I have the doll sitting on my lap right now--I've grown really attached to it, so I tend to carry it around the house.

I ran into Broda during lunch today, and somehow we got onto the topic of his beard. A girl who was also in the room asked him why he doesn't just grow it out since he doesn't like shaving, and Broda said that he had seen a picture of himself with a beard and thought he looked like a mass murderer, which I thought was really funny. Broda's unique.

In Zoology today, Oliver took us down to Lakebottom for some bird watchin'. I, unfortunately, was not well equipped for tromping around the woodsy park for an hour and a half, since I was wearing some rather nice black leather high-heeled sandals. Yeah, so my feet hurt a little bit when we were done. It was actually kind of fun, though, running around and pointing out different birds in the trees. Oliver had these massive binoculars that he takes really good care of, which was kind of funny to see--Oliver's a major zoology nerd. He knew the names of all the birds we saw, so I stuck by him to write them down, since we have to turn in our papers from bird watching tomorrow. On the way back to the school, we came across a dead bird on the side of the road, which Oliver picked up and examined while all of us stared in horror. Who knows what kind of diseases that thing has? I could never pick up a dead animal like that. And the bird was crawling with ants, too. Oliver identified it as a baby brown thrasher, put it down in the grass, and led us back to the school. I don't think he washed his hands when he got back, either.

Whew, I'm tired. Now that homework's out of the way, I think I'm going to cruise a little on the internet and watch some TV. Good night, all.
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