Silence Reigns.

I've been alone in the apartment since yesterday, since Mom and Lauren are at Prog Power and Kristen is of course sleeping over at her friends'. I don't know which one--they all kind of blend together. Yesterday was a little lonely, but it's all good now. It's nice having the whole apartment to myself. I can go on the computer when I want, turn up the music as loud as I want, etc. I also slept in Lauren's bed last night because mine's just too much trouble to get to sometimes, and I feel less motivated to get up in the morning when I have to climb down the side of a bed to get off. And you know that involves some concentration because I really don't feel like smashing my brains against the table nearby.

I ordered this kickass pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner last night: medium with pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions. Whoo, it was good. I also ordered some breadsticks because you can't have anything under $10.99 delivered, which I think is stupid. I could have saved some money by ordering a large instead of breadsticks, but whatever--yesterday was a special night of being on my own, so I didn't care.

Oh yeah--got my hair dyed on Thursday. The change was a little more subtle than I wanted, but now it's a darker brown in the back, and the front is a coppery red. All of the colors transition into eachother, but I wish the changes were a little more bold. It still looks nice though, and the extra color adds more depth to the style.

We had a hurricane for one day. Friday was a disappointment--it was completely sunny. It did feel really good outside, so that's cool. Thursday was fun, with the weather going haywire and the tornado sirens blaring. But then it all just kind of stopped all of a sudden when Friday rolled around. At least we got school off, anyway. I'm not complaining.

Lauren and Mom called me last night from Atlanta, and they are having the time of their lives. The Westin is huge, and they're on like the 62nd floor, if I heard correctly. Lauren is more than likely going to meet Pain of Salvation during their interview at 2:30 today, so she's very excited. She got a memory stick for her camera so she can take a lot more pictures and video. She's going to video part of her meeting with the band and of course take thousands of pictures. When she gets back, she's going to post them on her Blog, so that'll be exciting; I can't wait to hear from her today. I know she's having a lot of fun.

Kalan's coming over sometime today, so we'll be hanging out. Dad is absolutely convinced that Kalan and I are going to have sex today since I'm in the apartment alone, and it really pisses me off. Does he know me at all? I already promised Mom I wouldn't be, but Dad doesn't trust me. He got pissed at Mom that she's "leaving me in the situation" to do so. Well, you know what? You just need to trust me, Dad. I'm not thinking every second I'm alone that now would be a great opportunity to screw my boyfriend. Hello? Trust is a good thing.

Well, it's nice to vent that out. I shall now be parading off to get ready for when Kalan comes so we can have hot nasty sex tonight.
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