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Whew, Lauren and I just got done playing a round of DDR, and damn am I tired! We did the workout mode and didn't stop until the calorie goal-thing was met, so we played nonstop for well over an hour. We did one last song before stopping to see who would get the shower first, and wouldn't you know it--I lost. So here I am in front of the computer, sweating to death in a leather chair while Lauren's in the shower. Blech.

It's nice to get some good exercise for once--I haven't really done that since we put up the treadmill for more room to show off to potential buyers in the house. I'm definitely not used to sweating this much, either. I like to stay pretty, thank you very much. :p

Today's the first day all spring break that I have nowhere to go in the morning, which is nice. Although it is a double-edged sword, because one reason why I have nowhere to go is because Kalan has to go to work at 3:00 today, so we don't have any time to get together. He's also going to his mentor's this morning, so the most time we would have together is about 30 minutes. Oh well, I'll see him on Sunday. We need to figure out what we're going to do.

Lauren and I are going to Julian's birthday today at around 6:00. It should be fun, but I wish Peter was able to go! Stupid K-mart people--we should all just go to that store and wreak havoc. Ah, interesting TNT suggestion, no? Neh, being the annoying person that I am, I would probably feel bad afterwards. Oh well.

Hmm, I've gotta make lunch today. I'm so used to getting fast food here because we didn't have any food in the apartment when we first moved here last week. That reminds me--we've been living here for a full week! Woo! I still can't believe it--it's so much nicer here than the house. A lot less tension, lighter air, and no fighting down the hallway. Ah, peace and quiet. It's hard to believe that we've finally taken the last step in this divorce thing. But my God, it feels fantastic.

Speaking of God, tomorrow's Easter, and it totally snuck up on me. Mom, Lauren, and I are going to go somewhere nice for dinner, but I don't know where. Maybe Carabba's or something. Well, most any restaurant like it is fine with me! I think I love food too much. :d

Now that it's past noon, I'm probably going to eat some lunch and hop in the shower afterward. Hopefully all the hot water's not gone. We'll find out!
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