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Luckily, my voice is almost completely back--just in time for All State practice tomorrow. I know almost every bit of my songs, so I feel pretty confident about it. I'm just glad I won't be hampered in the audition now!

The field trip was actually pretty fun. They gave us this rather large packet on the bus that had three mazes in it that we had to complete. The first two were pretty easy, but the last one was so poorly made that I just gave up in the end; I could barely see the line I had drawn because it was some sort of string maze or whatever. The bus ride up there was really long, but luckily I had my MP3 player with me. The first thing we did at the DeSoto Caverns was go through this maze where we had to get a stamp from each of the three Indian towers and make it to the finish as fast as possible. We ran through most of it, so I was worn out by the time we were done, but it was pretty fun. Next we "panned" for gemstones--which was basically the people giving us bowlfulls of sand with little gemstones in it and having us dunk them in a freezing cold trough of chorine-water. I expected us to be doing that in the actual caverns, but it wasn't so bad.

The caverns were beautiful; they really weren't that cold, either. I was just fine with my long-sleeved shirt alone. It was pretty neat seeing all of the different rock formations and being underground so far. The light show was really random, though; they had this guy talk about the Creation. Well, that's the Bible Belt for you.

I just read that Daniel Johns has a side band called The Dissociatives that he formed with Paul Mac, and I checked out their website. They already had the music video online for their single "Somewhere Down the Barrel," and I like it; it's very progressive rock. The video is pretty comical, too.

Well, tomorrow's a normal school day; I missed you, Kalan! At least this field trip was actually interesting. But sorry, no gems encrusted in the caverns. I guess there'll be no chiseling next week, huh? Well, see ya!
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