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Hello all. Kalan took me home yesterday; when we got there, we realized that nobody was home, so naturally as soon as we got in there we had wild sex. At least that was what I told Julian, anyway. ;)

Anyway, he stayed at my house until about six. We mostly just watched music videos on the computer and talked. He'll be coming over again on Friday at around ten until he has to leave for work, and we'll watch some movies. It'll be fun!

I also found out yesterday that my Dad wishes I was more like my little sister--that I dressed like everyone else, played sports, and had lots of friends. First of all, I'm glad that I don't wear Abercrombie and Fitch junk. Second, I have a ton of friends, but Dad doesn't seem so see that. He also confided to my little sister that he wished I would date someone "normal" (he had met Kalan for the first time that day) so I won't have weird babies. What, does he think I'm going to have Kalan's babies or what? What pisses me off is that he's basing all of this off what Kalan looks like--he hasn't even gotten to know him, and Kalan is very sweet to me. Ugh, why does my dad have to be so damn conservative? Oh well, he can bite me.

Phew, sorry for the outburst. I'm not usually one to slam my parents, but Dad has changed a lot since this whole divorce thing came to be. To be honest, I'm glad I'm not going to live with him; he thinks everything that's not "normal" is bad.

But anyway, my day has been good so far. I got home at around 4:00 and I've just been loafing around a little bit. I'll probably work on that chorus critique that was due yesterday but I completely forgot to do over the weekend. Blech.

Oh yeah--Kalan gave me a necklace with a little dragon on it this morning! It makes me happy.

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Je t'ai croisée
Un samedi soir
Et j'ai jeté sur ta silhouette
Une poignée d'épices colorées
Mon but était clair
Tout en restant
Libre-moi et libre-toi
Car le roi de l'amour
N'a plus besoin d'esclaves

Adieu, adieu la nuit
Adieu tristesse, adieu les larmes
Je ne suis plus celui
Que tu as connu, plus le même
Ô bel enfant
Qui a tant pleuré
Adieu tout est fini
Adieu les larmes, adieu la nuit

Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour
Alors nous nous sommes séparés
Comme déjà saturés des délices du futur
Et j'ai marché seul
Guidé par ton ombre
J'ai traversé la ville déserte
Encore étincelante
Du voyage des rêveurs

Je t'ai croisé un samedi soir
Et déjà j'aimais l'odeur de ton rire
Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour

~Arthur H 

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