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Blech, being sick sucks. After Kalan left my house today, I got hit hard by the worst sick-headache ever. I had to take a nap so I could think straight. Sorry Kalan--you might get hit with this pretty soon! Start taking some cold medicine now so it won't be so bad! Sorry! ;)

But anyway, today was a lot of fun. Lauren and I had brunch at Ihop with Mary, Cathryn, Rachel, Rachel's boyfriend Asa, and Kalan. Fortunately, Kalan didn't go to his mentor's house this morning, so he could come with us. I had a patty-melt--yum! After brunch, Kalan and I went to Books-A-Million and looked through the books in the New Age section. It's funny how many teen witch books there are; we also saw things like "Tarot in Ten Minutes" and "Instant Tarot." It's like for the psychic on the go or something. After that we headed back to my house and watched the first disk of my Nine Inch Nails DVD. We also learned a few new interesting things about eachother; it was very amusing. I'm going to go to Kalan's house tomorrow afternoon.

Mom and Kristen ended up eating dinner without telling the rest of us, which kind of annoyed me a little bit because I've been feeling kind of crappy. Mom got mad at me when I asked her about it. Lauren and I ate dinner with Dad while Mom and Kristen went to see the play at CHS.

Well, I think I'll be going to bed pretty soon--I need some sleep, especially since the second All-State auditions are next Saturday. I need to be well enough to learn and perform those songs. Well, at least I already know two of them; only five more to go.
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Je t'ai croisée
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Et j'ai jeté sur ta silhouette
Une poignée d'épices colorées
Mon but était clair
Tout en restant
Libre-moi et libre-toi
Car le roi de l'amour
N'a plus besoin d'esclaves

Adieu, adieu la nuit
Adieu tristesse, adieu les larmes
Je ne suis plus celui
Que tu as connu, plus le même
Ô bel enfant
Qui a tant pleuré
Adieu tout est fini
Adieu les larmes, adieu la nuit

Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour
Alors nous nous sommes séparés
Comme déjà saturés des délices du futur
Et j'ai marché seul
Guidé par ton ombre
J'ai traversé la ville déserte
Encore étincelante
Du voyage des rêveurs

Je t'ai croisé un samedi soir
Et déjà j'aimais l'odeur de ton rire
Et le soleil de minuit a brillé pour nous
Jusqu'à l'arrivée du jour

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