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Hey!! Look!! Update!! Look before you miss it!!


Yeah, I've started updating my blog again. Exciting, huh? I know I'm excited. Since I've been getting home earlier, I've been able to hop on the old compo and play, so I figured, hey--I'll wipe the dust off that old Blog and update. Cream roll for me.

Today was pretty good, albeit rather brain-oozing. I did practically nothing in all of my classes: chorus was, well, chorus-y, algebra II was complete with a substitute and busy work, psychology was full of basketball-watching, and mythology was art day, so I worked on my tile of Iris the whole time. I've finally finished drawing her, and I've outlined her too, so now I've gotta paint her. Kalan's making a tile of Odin; we noticed he's wearing school spirit pants (orange and blue).

After school, Peter, Julian, Lauren, Mary, Kalan, and I were hanging out in the fountain courtyard. When I was talking to Kalan, I suddenly saw Dad walking into the courtyard, saying that he had time, so he was going to take Kristen, Lauren, and me home. Dad met Kalan for the first time, and they shook hands. Dad and Kristen left to get in the car while Lauren and I got our stuff. That was when I realized--Kalan was still wearing his pentacle necklace! God, I wonder if Dad noticed? He'll probably tell Mom if he noticed, so I should find out pretty soon if he did. We all laughed about it for a little bit. At least Kalan was wearing white today. :)

Kalan and I are going to the strip mall to go see Hildalgo at the new theater this Sunday, but first we're going to eat lunch and walk around. We plan on making some mischief at Lifeway. Ee, I can't wait!

Kalan gave me a bunch of CDs in mp3 form a few days ago, and I've listened to a few of them. I really like Godhead--finally, another industrial band! It's a great CD.

Well, Lauren's pestering me to get off, so I'll hopefully be back within the next few days!
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Adieu tout est fini
Adieu les larmes, adieu la nuit

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Et j'ai marché seul
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Encore étincelante
Du voyage des rêveurs

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