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Hi all! As you can see, I have finally taken the time to update ye olde Blog after neglecting the poor thing for over a month. Of course, I also happen to be in Chemistry class at the moment, supposedly researching geothermal energy, but I'll get to that later.

I got some interesting news today during French class: Mrs. Tymniak and Mrs. Chuites are considering putting me in French IV! I'm really excited, but at the same time I'm a little worried; I hope I won't be at a disadvantage by not going all the way through French III. Mrs. Tymniak told me that it would be hard at first, but I'll get into it. Man, I hope we'll be able to do this! That would be great! I can probably talk to Mrs. Chuites about it when we go tutor this afternoon. She also let me borrow "Indochine," a subbed French movie that she says is really good. I'm going to try to watch it as soon as possible, but I'm afraid that may not be until this Sunday.

Seriously, I have a ton of stuff due this Friday, and it's stressing me out a little bit. I have to recite the first 18 lines of "The Canterbury Tales" prologue by this Friday, I have a Chemistry test, a current events test, read 90 pages of Brave New World by Friday, I have a Montrez et Racontez (show and tell) in French on Friday, and a vocabulary test tomorrow. Whew, I've got a lot to do after school today! I plan on lightening tomorrow's load by memorizing "CT" today and recite it for Mrs. Portwood tomorrow to get extra credit. I need to study at least part of the material for the current events test today because there's so much to remember. Well, all I have to do is get my priority's straight, right? Having control makes me a lot less stressed.

Ah, I can't wait for the AWA this Saturday! Everything's all planned out--except that we don't know when it opens, of course. I really wish they would post a time or something so we would know how early we can get there. Lauren's going to paint Junior and Peter's nails black and chrome tomorrow while I'm at All State, and I'll finish off the job when I'm done. Woo, I'm so excited!

I suppose I should go before I press my luck any further; you never know when Dr. Spraggins'll come back. See you later!
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