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Hi everybody! I blog to you puffy-faced on this sort-of morning of the 1st. My surgery was two days ago, and my face has swollen up pretty good since then. The day of the surgery was quite interesting; they clipped my finger and wrists onto a heart machine (which I had some fun playing around with my slowing down and speeding up my heart) and put the laughing gas mask over my nose. I always thought it went over both your mouth and nose, but I guess things have changed. Anyway, at first it felt normal, but then my limbs felt very warm and started falling asleep. It was a rather peculiar feeling. Then Dr. Cambell came in and gave me a shot, which hurt quite a bit. The next thing I know, I'm completely out of it.

I barely remember what happened after that. I do recall waking up in a wheelchair and touching my lips to see if they felt like cotton like Lauren said (which they did since they were numb). My mouth was full of gauze, and I was in the recovery room. Mom told me later that her job was to keep me awake until we got home, so she would talk to me and keep me focused on her, using lures like "Do you want me to burn you another Nine Inch Nails CD?", at which I would druggedly agree to. Then I was wheeled outside and plopped into the car. I remember fading in and out during the car ride home, but I don't remember actually arriving there. I faded back into conciousness when Mom had led me into my room, where I spat out the gauze into the trash can and immediately fell asleep in Lauren's bed.

This took place at about 11:00, and I woke up at home at about 5:00 or so. Basically, the surgery consisted of pulling out my two baby eye-teeth and exposing the adult ones by removing the gum over them. Then, they put brackets on the teeth and attach wires on them that hand down where my baby teeth used to be. Finally, the cut gum is sewn up with stitches. Needless to say, it's not a pretty sight, and I'm not looking forward to going to school like this, but luckily it doesn't hurt that much. Getting braces was ten times more painful. I can't wait for those teeth to come in though. My face's puffiness should go down in the next few days, so I'll look decent for registration day next Tuesday.

Speaking of Nine Inch Nails, I got another one of their CD's a few days ago, it being "The Downward Spiral." I've been reading on the internet that it's NIN best CD, so being the diehard fan that I am, I got it burned, and it is awesome. My favorite songs are "Mr. Self-Destruct," "Piggy," "Ruiner," "The Becoming," "I Do Not Want This," "A Warm Place," "Eraser," "Reptile," and of course "Hurt." They're all very unique songs, like "The Becoming" because it has screaming children playing in the background of the verses and "Eraser" for its 3-minute intro. This CD definitely has more of an edge than "The Fragile" does, but of course I still love them all. I love my Tren Reznor in chains blog so much! :glomps blog:

While I was checking my e-mail prior to this blog entry, I found an e-mail from Mrs. Miles asking anyone if they would like to buy Michael's car. If it wasn't for this damned surgery and braces, then we could've bought the car, but now I definitely know it's impossible. God, I wanted it so badly! It reminds me of going to the Springer with Michael last summer because he always drove us there in his car. Damn, I hate having no money. I can't help but think that it's my own stupid fault that we can't afford it, even if I couldn't help it. Why didn't we get this stuff done sooner, like, sixth grade or something? I feel like I'm missing out on something really important, and it's just flying right past me. God, how I wish we had the money.

Luckily, blogging has made me feel a little better about it. I really do need to blog more often, but my thoughts usually go into my diary. Plus, I don't really like doing my dirty laundry on my blog, which does explain the long absences lately.

Oh yeah, Kim! I read your comment on Lauren's blog, and just think Nine Inch Nails, Silverchair, Inu-Yasha (Naraku), and things like that for me. Check the blog layout ::points to Trent Reznor in chains:: Thanks!

Whew, that's all for now. Hope everyone has a nice week and a half of summer left!
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