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Woo~! I finally had a chance to watch my Nine Inch Nails DVD the other day and it is SO WONDERFUL! I only wish it were longer. I just can't get enough of Trent, even if he's covered in mud and black lipstick and getting friendly with his guitarist during "Closer." All the better, if you ask me. I managed to drag Lauren into the room and got her to watch the end and a few snippets of the concert, including "March of the Pigs," "The Great Below," "Piggy," and of course "Hurt," which was very dramatic. Man, I would love to go to a NIN concert! I may not be able to go anytime soon because of insufficient funds, but hey, one can always dream.

Registration day at school was today. God, I can hardly believe school is nearly here--just less than a week away. And Eric is going to college in a week and a half, to boot. I swear, this has been the shortest summer I've ever had; I didn't do nearly as much as I wanted to. Luckily, we did go to Raleigh twice, though, so that's good. But anyway, CHS is exactly the same as we had left it two months ago. My classes are a lot better this year, however; no more stressful AP classes for another year. I'll be taking AP French and hopefully AP Psychology my Senior year. But anyway, here's my schedule:

1st Semester
1. World History/Women's Chorus
2. English III
3. Algebra II
4. Chemistry

2nd Semester
1. World History/ Women's Chorus
2. French III
3. Psychology
4. Mythology

As you can see, I lucked out pretty good this year; both math and science are first semester, and all the classes I enjoy are in second semester. Usually they put math, science, and english second, but fortunately this year's and exception. Lauren and I will be sharing Mythology, but we've got Spraggins for Chemistry. We were going to get it changed, but as we were fixing Lauren's schedule, we heard Mrs. Whitt yelling to everyone that we weren't allowed to request teachers. Oh well, at least my schedule turned out great; changing teachers might have jeopardized it anyway.

We went to have a checkup with Dr. Cambell today and got the OK to get these wires of ours hooked up whenever Dr. Lane is ready. Thank God; I'll be able to bite into food again soon. The swelling finally went down the day before yesterday, so I looked normal in time for registration day today.

Whew, my wrists are tired. I guess that's a good sign to end the entry, so see you later!
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