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Hi all! Yesterday was sooo great! Peter and Junior called at around two yesterday asked if it would be okay if they came over, and of course we said yes, so they said they'd be there at 4:00. After the call, Lauren and I launched into a frenzy of cleaning, and actually did a pretty good job. I'm glad it got me to clean my room!

Peter and Junior arrived at about 4:20 will enchiladas and brownie cupcakes for dinner. We stuck those in the kitchen and went upstairs so I could show Peter my Yu-Gi-Oh doujinshi. He translated a little bit of it for us, so now we understand at least a little bit of what's going on. Ah, I lurv that doujinshi soooo much! After that, we promptly watched Yu-Gi-Oh at 4:30 and launched into Smash Bros. Melee goodness! There were epic battles, especially the ones between Junior and Peter, so that was fun. Because Eric was at work, we were able to get our hands on the Xbox, so we played Dead or Alive 3 until dinner at seven. We feasted on the Yummilicious Enchiladas of Ultimate Goodness© while watching an hour of Will and Grace. After that, it was Duel Monsters. We listened to the new compilation CD Lauren and I made the previous day while we dueled. First we just played individual games: Peter vs Lauren, and Junior vs me. Junior was beating me easily, and I whined about how I didn't have any new cards because Lauren never gave me any of her new ones (one or two, actually), and Junior made a bet with me; he said if I beat him in the next duel, he'd give me his Magical Cylinders card. The epic battle began, and I was losing right from the start, but Junior was nice and merciful, and I ended up winning. Thank you sooooo much, Junior! That was extremely nice of you! Then we kicked into two team battles: Peter and Lauren vs Junior and me. Peter and Lauren ended up winning both, though.

After that, we just hung around and talked, which was a lot of fun. I painted Peter's nails black, and I offered to paint Juniors, but he declined, so I just painted my toenails. We were hoping that they could stay the night, but Dad said it was "inappropriate," even when I said that Peter and Junior would have slept in the truck with the door locked if they had to. It was a very sad time. While in the process of them leaving, we all got caught up in conversation in the hallway, and Junior and I began to talk about music. I had said before that I wanted to learn how to play the violin for my Senior project, and Junior said that I could have his old violin! Junior, you are the nicest person in the world! Nicenicenicenicenice! ::glompglomp:: I told him I could help him out with the guitar, and he said he would teach me some stuff on the violin in return. We're going to get together at some point this week to do just that, but we haven't figured out a good day yet. Any day is fine with me! Niceniceniceniiiiiice Junior! ::glompglomp::

After that, it was nearly midnight, so Peter and Junior had to leave. We hugged and said our goodbyes. We have to get together again soon, guys! Your first free day! Soooon!

But yes, it was much funness. Summer is a wonderful thing!
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