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Hi all! I blog to thee fresh from the shower! I got back from the choral picnic at around nine, quite soaked and shaving-creamed. Heck, there wasn't any shaving cream last year! Luckily I managed to save Michael by tucking my locket into my purse before the water balloons and buckets started to fly. After that, it was immediately warfare: I was doing pretty good until Katherine Lawhan smeared shaving cream in my hair, and later in my face. I couldn't open my eyes because that would've resulted in indescribable pain, and Ben eventually heard my cries for help. He brought me a cup of water and poured it on my face, but there was just too much shaving cream, so I told him to take me to Kat, who was washing people off at one of the spouts. Ben took my arm and led me across the raging battlefield where Kat stuck my head under the spout and washed my face off. No stinging eyes; crisis averted!

But yeah, it was fun. The only bad thing that happened was that since I still can't drive yet, Mom had to pick me up and ended up missing Kristen's solo in the Double Churches Middle School spring concert, which I feel really bad about. Luckily, Kristen usually bounces back pretty fast, so I'm glad she doesn't hate me for it or anything.

Lauren did a wonderfully nice thing for me while I was gone tonight! Remember that doujinshi I was talking about buying, Peter? Lauren looked it up while I was gone and saw that it only had five more minutes until the auction was over and bidded on it for me! Yay! Hopefully it'll come in soon. Mm, Kaiba-goodness :D.

Relay for Life is tomorrow! It should be really nice. We're not going to stay overnight like we did last year--we felt awful for days because we only got a half and hour of sleep. We're going to wear the tye-dyed shirts we wore last year in memory of Michael. I should post some pictures from last year; our tent looked like a night club with Michael's band playing and incense on the middle table. I know I'll be thinking about Michael while I'm there.

Well, Eric is kicking me out now, so I'll see y'all later!
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