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Aah, I'm so glad I wrote that stupid AP Language paper yesterday! Now all I have to do is tweak it a little bit and it'll be done! I've got a lot to do this weekend, but I don't think it'll be too bad as long as I don't procrastinate (fat chance of that happening).

Mrs. Tymniak wants me to participate in the Foreign Language Fair again this year, so I need to write a poem and study words for the French vocabulary bee this weekend. The FLF is on . . . April 26 . . . shit, I just realized when that was. I'll be in Savannah for All-State that day, from the 23rd-26th. God, the same thing happened last year! I guess I won't be able to participate in the vocabulary bee after all; I'll just have to submit a poem then. Dammit, that makes me mad.

Oh well, that's just one of the sacrifices I have to make by being in Chorus. :p

The 100 Yu-Gi-Oh cards I won off Ebay a little while ago came in recently, and I like what I have, but I don't really know how to play yet, so I'm going to get Peter to teach me sometime. I've got ten rare cards, and the rest are common. I've sort of seen how it's done on the show, and I have Magic: The Gathering cards, so I'm not completely clueless at least. I can't wait to learn, though; I really want to play someone sometime. Lauren hasn't gotten her cards in; they should come in in a few days or a week, maybe.

God, Kristen invited one of her friends to sleep over, so now I'm going to have to put up with an additional 13-year-old girl around the house until tomorrow very soon. It doesn't help that Mom's up in Raliegh right now and the house is a mess. Not to mention we have to share dinner with her, which happens to be some really good cheese and mushroom pizzas since it's Friday, and those things are practically sacred around here--we hardly ever get any good pizza besides the crappy 99-cent ones. I hope she leaves early tomorrow.

I've currently gotten back into Dynasty Warriors 3 and Shadow Hearts, which I really need to finish sometime. I haven't been playing video games very often lately because I'm either not in the mood or I'm too busy. I really need to save up enough money to buy Breath of Fire V so I can play it sometime. How does Nick like it, Peter? Has it gotten better? It looks pretty interesting to me, so hopefully it will live up to the last game. Yuna is such a bitch, and I'm not talking about the one from FFX.

Geez, I'm starving--all I've had since lunch was a banana and an iced cappucino. I hope Dad makes those pizzas soon.

Je vous aime tout! Bonsoir, et mange beaucoup de bon choses!
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