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God, the stress is practically oozing out of my ears. Like Lauren said, we've got a TON of projects due in two to three weeks, and it's DRIVING ME INSANE. Today was the most stressful day of my life. Here's a summary of the heart-attack-inducing stuff that happened to me today:
1)Slept in 40 minutes late
2)Eric got ready slower than I did despite me being late
3)Nearly was late for school
4)Realized chorus pictures were to be taken that day
5)Realized hair looked like the nest of some wild animal and began chanting obsenities after realizing previous realization
6)Did not have chorus dress because did not remember chorus picture day
7)Did not get Mom to sign chorus picture order form so was forced to forge father's name instead
8)Was forced to use part of money earned from selling candy to purchase chorus picture ($15, mind you)
9)Had to borrow dress from fellow chorus member
10)Had to wait 25 minutes to get picture taken because camera broke
11)Saw picture taken on computer and realized hair on right side of head was sticking straight out (not worth $15, mind you)
12)Was forced to do physical science makeup test without word bank because it was a makeup test--was very confused
13)Spent all day on AP Language project--didn't even get half of stuff done that is due this Thursday

And so we end on lucky number 13. Blech, what a day. On top of all the projects, All State is in two weeks, and I just looked at my music yesterday. I have to know six pieces of music, and damn are they hard. One song is completely eight notes, and another is covered in sixteenth notes. And I have to know them frontwards and backwards without aid in two weeks. Along with finishing my projects.


Whew, I hope I'll be able to get this done. I wish it was three weeks from now when the All State audition is done and all projects are turned in. I swear, it's like the teachers conspire to make everything due around the same day. I almost wish we had to work on them over Spring Break too so I'd have more time. I am so not taking AP classes next year, especially not two.

Well, I must go to find more information for my AP Language paper and practice my All State music. See ya later. :p
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