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Woo! Once again I am updating in Debate class when I should be working on my extempt files! Yay!

I got a lucky break when I heard Mrs. Mitchell say that Camille could go to the library to work on her files, so I asked to go as well. Marvel at my amazing powers of persuasion!! This is the first time since I last updated my blog that I read anyone's blogs, and I finally got around to reading Peter's famous chewing-out-The-Boy entry. Go Peter!! I agree with everything you said! You make me so proud! And like Lauren said, Beware my bitchy undertones!!

In chorus this morning, we all took a bus to Edgewood to practice for the performance we're having there on Thursday night. We had to stand there for a freakin' hour, so my back was killing me by the time We were done. Hey, I sound like Lauren. Okay then: J'ai mal à la dos! I just had to personalize it, that's all ^-^. Anyway, we're going to go back there this afternoon so the whole chorus can practice together, which means I get to leave school at 2:30. Not much of a leave, but whatever; we reeeaally need to practice, anyway. I'm just not looking forward to standing there for another hour like this morning. That's one of the bad things about being in chorus; you have to stand for a looooong time, especially during performances. I was just about to keel over and die last year, but I think I'll do better this year.

I finally turned in that damned TMA in AP Language in second period, and, of course, I had to write an in-class essay on the only passage in the chapter that I didn't understand. Lauren lucked out and got the one by Pampl, which is our favorite one. I got the one by Jamaica Kincaid. It's so weird; it's like she randomly gets off topic, and her sentences are a mile long. I hope I did well, despite not finishing the conclusion. Next up is a non-fiction TMA, and it involves turning our homework in on the internet. This should be interesting. And annoying.

I still haven't done my French Oral Interview yet, and I was supposed to do it last week. Mrs. Tymniak kind of forgot about me, so I have to remind her sometime this week, but I keep forgetting. I have a pretty bad short term memory.

I'm so glad there are less than two weeks until Christmas vacation; I hope it gets here soon so I don't have to worry about work anymore. Jesus Christ.

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Adieu tout est fini
Adieu les larmes, adieu la nuit

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Encore étincelante
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