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Well, I'm once again in the library during fourth block typing in my blog when I should be working on my original oratory in Debate, but I'm just so damn bored I couldn't work on it any longer. So now I'm blogging. Notice how I always seem to update while at school nowadays--I'm attacked by several ferocious member s of my family whenever I even look at the computer, so I find it to be much safer at school.

My blog looks really strange on this incredibly ancient computer in the library--the pictures on the right border are covering up half the text. I hope it doesn't do that to anyone else's computer. It might just be that this computer is so FRIGGIN' old that it can't process stuff right. It just can't show any advanced coding, I guess. For example, I can't see the sidebar on Peter's blog at; I can see everything but the text box and the picture on the side on Lauren's, and all the links are blue; Nori's blog doesn't show up at all; and Kim's is just fine. These computers are really weird. ::shrugs::

I spent all of my free day on Tuesday and all of yesterday reading The Chosen and writing my journal for it. All day. Both days. And then Mrs. Wingard postpones the due date to Monday.

. . .


::is revived by Delano and a crepe:: Well, at least I don't have to work on it this weekend, I guess.

::explodes:: Geez! All State auditions are this Saturday! I don't know why, but I'm sooo nervous! I mean, I know I can sight read and sing scales and do tonal memory and sing the solo (which I haven't practiced yet ::smacks Dante with a paper fan for making her forget::), but I'm still nervous. At least it's at nine in the morning, but that means I have to wake up at 5:30 to get ready because Cordele is two hours away. At least the first audition is the toughest; if I actually practice ahead of time this year, the second audition will be a cinch. See, we got our music last year MONTHS before the second audition, and I stupidly decided not to practice my six pieces of music until a WEEK before the audition. I'm sure you know memorizing six pieces of music in a week is quite difficult. Pages and PAGES of music. ::deflates::

I'm sure I'll make it, though. I've just got to practice today and tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Whew, I guess that's it for now. I should probably head back to class now; I don't need to get banned from going to the media center during Debate! See ya!
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