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Yay! Wasting Debate class time is fun! :3

I got my score for All State this morning during chorus. See, a perfect score is a 10, and every time you make an error the score goes up, like in golf. I ended up with a 12 last year, but this year I got an 11.5, so I'm really happy about that! The cutoff score last year was 14, so I know I'm going to make it now! Thank God I don't have to go to anymore stupid All State practices after school! ::deflates::

I have to present my OO to Mrs. Mitchell tomorrow, but luckily I don't have to have it memorized until Friday. But then again, that's FIVE FREAKIN' pages I have to know in a week, so I'll be busy after school. Plus, my French project is due really soon, so that worries me some. I'm just glad the Harry Potter movie is coming out this Friday. That gives me something to look forward to at least.

I am on such a Naraku kick right now--I wish I had brought some reference pictures of him. I'd be drawing right now if I had some. I'm thinking of using him as my next theme for my blog since my last one died. I can't wait until they get to him in the series, but it may be awhile since they don't actually see him until the seventh graphic novel. Aah, how I love him so! ^-^

I'll blog a little later maybe--I've run out of things for now! ^-^
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