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::fights to get to computer while struggling against the evils of responsibility:: Nooo!! Must. . . update. . . blog. . . screw. . . homework. . . and. . . lack of. . . attention span. . .

::drags self into chair:: Victory!! ::types happily:: Yes, I do get distracted pretty easily sometimes. I keep telling myself "Go update your blog, stupid! People think you're dead!", but either someone else's on the computer or I've got a ton of homework or I'm just too darn lazy to do it. I guess that's why my fanfics on ff.net are suffering--I'm hardly ever up to updating, or I'm just too busy to do it at all. I need some chibis to remind me of what I need to do.

But yes, the convention! AWA was awesome! I SO want to cosplay next year! I bought two Inu-Yasha plushies while I was there--a Miroku and a Kikyo one. No matter how much Lauren pressed me, I refused to buy an Inu-Yasha Japanese manga because I didn't want to spoil the story for myself, so she bought it instead. I didn't want to buy anything at the convention that I could buy at the store at any time, so I passed on the 12th volume of the English Inu-Yasha manga. It was really tough too because Naraku was in it the ENTIRE time and he's so yummilicious. . .

So yeah, I loved the AWA. I can't wait to go next year! I'm so glad I'm going to get a job pretty soon. As soon as I turn 16 I'm going to apply for one. That way I'll be able to save up a lot of money for the con next year. And maybe buy a new guitar in the process.

Speaking of guitars, I wrote some more new songs! I think I've already talked about "Yellow Tear," but I FINALLY finsihed "See Through to You" a little while ago. I'm in the process of writing one right now that I think I'm going to call "Wallflower," but that depends on if I change the subject of it. But now I shall provide a sample of the lyrics of "See Through to You":

The moon's so full tonight
I nearly blocks out the sun
It's begun
To fall
Or is it even there at all
I found you standing there
Staring at the stars
As they scar
The sky
Do I have to ask you why

And I'm playing through my part
Though it's tearing me apart
I don't care, no
As long as you see through to you
And I know it's killing me
From the promise that I keep
I won't die in vain
As long as you see through to you

I really like how that song turned out. I take pride in knowing that I write songs about feelings that I experience, not some fake made-up story. I guess that's why I've never written any love songs--I've never been in love, so how could I write a song about it? I don't know how it feels, do I? The only kinda-happy song I've written is "Yellow Tear," whose refrain goes something like this:

Choose to stay with me
But how long will it take till you run away
I know that I'll see
My own true light
But only if you promise to be with me

Lacking the verses, it does seem like a love song, but it isn't. "Being" with someone doesn't necessarily mean love--just being there for them and not forsaking them and stuff. I wrote that song after realizing that I had some really good friends and I wasn't as alone as I thought I was. Yeah, yeah, feel the fuzziness.

It was great seeing Michael at the spaghetti dinner on Wednesday. It was pretty weird seeing some of those other people again, though. I even saw Mrs. Nobes. Eugh.

I babysat yesterday for the Blackmon's again. They went to a Lynard Skynard concert. Mrs. Blackmon's sister and her boyfriend/husband/fiancee/I couldn't really tell were going with Mr. and Mrs. Blackmon, so she dropped off her little dog Betty and just told me to keep her in the kennel. So of course Blake and Bryant wanted to take her out all the time and said she needed water and that she was whining because she was lonely so they kept going in there and making her whine even more. That dog was really frustrating. That's why I like Bichon Frises; there cute, quiet little dogs. I can't stand loud things unless it's music. Bryant gave me trouble because he wouldn't go to bed, but I dragged him down the stairs and got him in bed. He finally cooperated when I said he was making me mad. He doesn't want to get me mad because he loves me so much. Then Blake wouldn't get to bed because she wanted to watch this thing on Nickelodeon about some kid getting covered by raw eggs or whatever, but I finally got her to go to bed. Then she kept coming to me and saying how Betty needed water and that the dogs outside were scared of the dark and Betty's whining was keeping her awake. I promptly sent her back to bed. It was true about Betty's whining; the stupid dog was loud, so much so that I could hardly hear the TV. She finally calmed down though. Then, freedom; I zapped a Lean Cuisine in the microwave and settled down in the comfy leather chair to watch Forensic Files and The System until Adult Swim came on at 11. Inu-Yasha was really good, but I could tell immediately where they cut out a scene when Inu-Yasha came out of the spell the Nothing Woman had put on him. And it's Nothing Woman, not Un-mother, but whatever. And Sesshomaru was supposed to JAB his claws into Inu-Yasha's eye and RIP OUT the pearl, not slide it gently out with some lightning or whatever. That was supposed to be the best part of the ep. I wonder why they changed it, especially in Japan? I don't get it. Yu Yu Hakusho and Cowboy Bebop were good, too. Hiei! ::glomps chibi Hiei::

Well, I guess that's it. Geez, what a longass entry! I'll try to be more consistent with my updates. Later!

::is dragged away by evil Shadows:: Gaah!
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