I'm back. And I'm quite bored. So I think I'll talk about random stuff now. :)

I don't know if anyone noticed, but they cut out an episode of Inu-Yasha on Saturday. The next one was supposed to be about the Mask of Flesh, but they cut it completely out. They even took out the review of the episode. I'm sure the censors did this because that particular episode is pretty violent, and the Mask of Flesh is rather creepy. 'Specially when it rather grusomely eats those teenagers heads. Fun, huh? So I'm sure you can guess why they kinda "forgot" about that episode. Too bad they did, though; I wanted to see it in anime and not just manga.

I found a lot of my old notebeooks when I was cleaning my room the other day. Most of the stories were fanfics, but they gave me lots of ideas for a book, so I'm going to play with those for a little bit and see what comes out of it. I'm really happy with how "Anthem for the Year 2000" is faring--the plot has definitely improved. I put in the first comic I EVER drew of the series, back when the plot was COMPLETELY different and the name was "Power Charge." Quite original, is it not? It was very DBZ-esque back then. I first came up with the series when I had a dream about the characters in sixth grade. I drew the comic version of it immediately after, but it's not quite like the dream. It was pretty cliched, but that's okay--it wasn't too bad a start, after all. It's one of my most treasured original comics.

Well, I'm going to go read or something until school is over--Delano is makin' crepes for me at home. Noutella and brown sugar crepes, at that. They are also Dante and Delano's favorite food, so I hope there's some left for me when I get home. We'll just have to see!
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