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Woo! What an interesting day!

I hate talking about politics at school--it always ends up being a shouting match between Democrats and Republicans, and it's really getting old. I'm tired of hearing Ashlee Bethke talk about how bad Bush is and how people go to war to prove how manly they are and that if we do go to war the only reason is to kill more people in our own country. Dammit, I hate that! Just shutup about Bush already, geez! People fight in wars because they're defending their country, not proving how manly they are! And her dad's even in the damn army too!

I just wish people would back up their opinions with good reasons instead of "Bush is a stupid guy just because." I mean geez, come on already.

I was able to get away with not going to the Debate competitions, so that's good. I just need to help other people with their cases during class and stuff. And Camille found a new partner, so that's good as well. I'm glad she understood why I couldn't go and all. Mrs. Mitchell understood as well, so I don't feel really guilty or anything.

Turns out French Club was cancelled today, so I talked with Peter until Mom came at 3:45. We talked about lot's of different stuff, like JtHM, food (of course), weight, and toning and stuff. It was a very enlightening experience. It's weird how I can talk to Peter for hours and be unable to find a single word to say to other people. I don't get it. ::shrugs and pops headache pills::

Mom dropped me off at the Phoenix City (yup, had to go across the river!) amphatheater at 4:00, and I joined the flock of the other white-shirt-blue-pants-clad chorus peeps on the risers for our sound check. It didn't come until later, so we were standing for a long time, and the temperature was 102 degrees. I am not kidding. And chorus people always have to scrunch up real tight to fit everyone on the risers.

That's when the trouble began; we had not one, not two people, but SEVEN people in the chorus pass out from the heat. I am dead serious.

The first one happened before the cameras turned on for the live program the news was holding. She was lead down to the steps nearby, and her face was completely gray, and that's a sure sign of faintness. You see a lot of this when you're in chorus, but I have never seen SEVEN people go down in one performance. The cameras switched on and focused on Chuck Lenord as he started the program some distance away. As I was watching him introduce people, I suddenly spotted Mrs. Vinson and two or three policemen fly across the risers and catch a girl in the alto section. They carried her over to the steps and sat her down; she was still partly concious. They surrounded her, fanning her with papers, giving her ice packs, and even getting soda cans to put against her skin. This happened after we had sung "The Star-Spangled Banner", and we were getting kind of nervous.

The people being introduced were taking up too much time with their greetings, which made our wait on the risers even longer. A few more girls went down during that time, but no one fell over like the second girl. I could feel the sweat pouring down my back, and it's not a fun thing to be smushed up against one hundred sweaty girls standing in a group, especially when they're dropping like flies. Then Chuck made a mistake and let this preacher woman talk before we sang our last song, "Bridge Over Troubled Water." She took a very long time talking, which sent more girls off the risers, their faces slate gray. The policemen told us to sit down so no one else would pass out, and we gratefully did so, but it was for a short time. The preacher FINALLY stopped, and we all stood up and sang our last song. As soon as it ended, we filed off the risers and walked up to the front of the amphitheater and straight for the shade. Policemen were even fanning us while we sang. The final count was seven casualties.

That was the most dangerous choral perfomance of my life,

Luckily, all I got was a terrible headache from the heat, and it's still making me feel sick. I hope it goes away by tomorrow. You couldn't even tell that girls were dropping like flies when you watched it on the news.

On the brighter side, we did sound good.
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