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Wow, I'm so lazy! I really need to update more often, huh?

The first week of school was pretty interesting. Turns out I have Advanced Women's Chorus, which shifted my schedule a bit, but in a good way--Lauren and I have the same AP Language class! The AP US History room is freezing, but Mrs. Crist seems pretty nice. AP Language is quite the homework load, though it's not really that bad. Our homework assignment was really confusing, and no one did it right because Mrs. Wingard rushed through the directions on the first day of school, so we need to do it over before class on Tuesday. French II was similar to French I, but the upper classmen are a lot bigger. There are even a bunch of seniors in it, which makes me think that they waited until the last minute to get their Foreign Language Credits. They're probably taking French III next semester ::growl::. We learned a few more French swear words in there this week. It's definitely like old times. My last class was Debate (I refuse to call it Forensics because it's not), which is a lot more complicated than I expected. Turns out there was a camp that Debate people went to over the summer, and I didn't know about it because the stupid school changed my schedule at the last minute, so now I'm about 36 hours behind the others in info. I've caught up a lot over the week, but I still feel unsure, and we're participating in a competition in two weeks. I paired up with Camille because she didn't go to the camp either, and our case is on PPD, or Post Partum Depression, which is a mental disease mothers get soon after giving birth. We'll be the Affirmative team, so we have to put up an argument good enough to convince the judge that we should increase government funding on mandatory screenings for PPD. It shouldn't be too difficult--our evidence has already been prepared for us, so we just have to execute it well enough to be convincing. Plus, this is the easiest competition we'll have all year, so I better not lose.

It was a pretty good week, an school isn't that bad--I just miss sleeping in. Peter let Lauren and I borrow his Margaret Cho book, and it's really good so far. Man, so many bad things happened to her! I hope the book ends well. I want to meet some new people at school (not to dump my old friends, of course), but I haven't found anyone who seems interesting or interested in getting to know me. I guess I'll just have to keep looking around.

Dad came home yesterday, but he'll have to leave again tomorrow, so he's going to take Lauren and I out driving some time today. It's going to feel good relaxing all weekend.

Oh, and Lauren found out something on a message board that I really hope is true: Inu-Yasha's coming to Adult Swim next week!! Can you believe it? Here I was just talking about how they should put Inu-Yasha on Adult Swim a few days ago, and they will!! Inu-Yasha's my favorite manga!! I really hope they have good voice actors, but it's Sunrise, so they should be. I just don't want to hear another Quatre, like Mousse does in Ranma 1/2. It'll premiere at 11, which makes me wonder where they're going to put Yu Yu Hakusho, which started over last week >:p. They might move it to 11:30, I guess; I know they wouldn't replace it when it's so popular and not even done yet. I hope they get rid of Pilot Candidate or one of the Gundams or something. I just hope Sunrise did as good a job with Inu-Yasha as they did Cowboy Bebop.

Wow, I'm hungry. I'm going to go eat now.
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