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The Springer was interesting today. We got a new intern, a girl named Candace, and word is is that she was assigned to F-4 because we weren't having fun. I thougth we were having fun, we're just a bit calmer than the other groups. She really annoys me, especially when she told me that Lauren and I should split up and talk to other people in the group, which really grinded my nerves. Just because we're twins doesn't mean we always have to be together, and we never made a huge effort to stand together in the circles and stuff. God, I hate people who automatically resort to stereotypes just by the looks of people. Not many people do that to two friends, at least not as much; just because we look alike isn't a good reason to pin us. Otherwise, it was a pretty fine day. Movement was really fun today because we had to do different dramatic poses for full mobility. It reminded me of a painting.

I got a babysitting job for tomorrow. It's with the Blackmon's this time, so I hope it'll turn out well. They usually go to bed before the parents get home, so I will have time for myself. Then I can sit back with a glass-bottled Coke and watch Invader ZIM, which apparently comes on at 9:30 now on Fridays. The best part is is that I'll be getting some money, so maybe I can fine some nice thick doujinshi on Ebay. Wish me luck on that! ^-^

I'm so glad the weekend is coming up--I'll actually get to sleep in for two days before going to my last week at the Springer. It's been a lot of fun there so far, and my two favorite classes are Movement and Improv. My least favorite would be On Camera because there are so many things you have to do. Doing commercials is harder than it looks, believe me.

I'm currently coloring a piccie on the computer that I drew two days ago--once I finish it, I might post it on the blog. I hope it turns out good, as it is a veryvery important scene in one of my stories. Let me borrow some of everyone's luck! ^-^

And as always for these two weeks, Michael -- Lauren and I will see you bright and early tomorrow!

That's all for now; see you!
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