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I'm SO happy the internet is working again. . .I hate those stupid people who were digging holes in front of our neighborhood. The cable guy that came over was pretty cool, though; he's just learning how to play guitar, and his little sister goes to St. Anne, which makes me think that he might be catholic. He looks catholic, too--don't ask me how I can tell, but I've always been able to tell by the looks of someone if they were catholic or protestant or whatever. Just by their physical appearance, I guess. And no, not in a bad way or anything, not like "he looks so arrogant, he must be such and such religion" or whatever. Facial features and stuff.

I saw Lauren's sketches a few minutes ago, and I really like them bunches. I gets me in the mood to draw some, too--I've been planning to start a web comic called "Holier Than Thou" for a while, and now that the scanner's up and running on Eric's computer down the hall, I can do it now. It's going to star Blood and Zyrus; if you check the SIB oekaki often, you mightive seen a picture or two of them. It's going to be a comedy comic strip series, and they're all going to be chibis. I hope it turns out good!

I'm disappointed to find out that they started Yu Yu Hakusho over last week. They also held a marathon all Adult Swim, and they did it again yesterday. If FUNI ran out of new episodes to show, why are they holding a marathon? Wouldn't they want more time to put new eps on so fans won't get tired of the old ones? That's exactly what they did with DBZ, but luckily they got smart and started the series over, so now they have plenty of time to finish the finale eps. Then DBGT comes on in 2003, which I really want to see. I hope they keep the original music this time.

Well, that should be it for now. I'm hungry, so I'm going to go eat. See ya!
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