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We went to Atlanta with the Miles yesterday (with the exception of Mr. Miles and Johnathan), and it was so much fun. We left at around 8:30am and didn't get back until around 10 or so. We went to the Mall of Georgia first, then this outlet mall called Discover Mills, which sounds a lot like a science store to me. I only bought one thing during the trip, which was a beautiful silver pocket watch I managed to get for ten bucks at a kiask. It was half-price off, and the sales person reduced it to ten for us. I plan on getting a battery in it fairly soon. Michael had burned five cd mixes for us to listen to in the van, and they were really good. I liked all of the music on them, so Lauren and I asked if he could burn a few cds for us, including Silverchair, Bush, Tool, and Pete Yorn.

We all went to my house after getting some vanilla cappuccinos to bring home. Michael restrung my acoustic guitar for me, which I am very grateful for; it hasn't gotten new strings since I bought it two years ago, so it was obvious by the sound of it that it needed new strings. After the restringing was done, Michael gave me the chords to "Save Yourself" by Sense Field and "Perfect" and "Desperate Now" by Stabbing Westward, which I'm also very happy about. They turned out to be pretty easy, and I picked them up immediately. I showed Michael two more songs I have written--"Faces Run" and "Blue Nectar." We figured out a good layout for "Faces Run" when we get it recorded in August and that "Blue Nectar" would be kind of symphonic. He also showed me some of the stuff he's been writing, which I thought was great as well. I love his style of writing, and my favorite one he showed me was the heaviest one during the picking part. He said there would be lots of distortion for that part so it would be echoy. Unfortunately, he and the rest of his family had to leave, so I said goodbye.

I really hope we get to that again sometime, and I can't wait to go over to his house to get my songs recorded. It'll be neat hearing them with all of their required instruments, and I like recording stuff with Michael. I just have to wait until everything slows down this summer--there's so much I still have to do. My family is going to Disney World tomorrow, so we'll be gone for six days or so, and the Springer is starting very soon, so I'll be busy with that for two weeks. I also have to read those books for school and finish up my service hour paperwork, and thank God I got the physical labor done for it. Now all I have to do is put together the photo album and write about the work in a response journal, then I'll be DONE!! This has been the busiest summer I have ever had.

Lauren and I are going over to Peter's house at 2 today, and I know that will be a lot of fun. We're bringing over my Yu Yu Hakusho DVD to watch, and we'll also be watching Interview With the Vampire as well, which will be neat. I'm glad Peter was able to escape unscathed from Amishland, even though he now has a new-born hatred for large meals! I'll write about our time there later tonight.

I'm hungry now, so I'm going to go have some lunch. Bye!
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