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I burned a new Luna Sea CD yesterday, complete with 13 tracks. I lurv it soooo much, especially the first few songs. Ryuichi is such a great singer and lyricist! And before any of you start looking at me strange, yes I did find lyric translations on the internet. 'Twas a very nifty page I was at.

We learned our dance moves for the presentation during musical theater, which was a little challenging but fun to do. I'm not too bad at it, really. Not much happened out of the ordinary today at the Springer, but Lauren, Michael, and I did listen to a Smashing Pumpkins cd in the car. It was going to be a Nine Inch Nails week, but the label on the first "Fragile" cd was messing up the playing, so Michael has to go out and buy the cds now. I loved that cd, too T-T.

I got my hair cut right after the Springer, and it's a totally new hairstyle. I had this old one for so long that I wanted something new, so now it's a little shorter, flipped out, and really spikey. I really hope I can reproduce it, but it wasn't to hard to do, so it should be simple for me tomorrow. I love it bunches. My hairdresser Stacey is really cool--she was the one who helped me think it up, and she wears the coolest clothes. I'm also glad my hair is this way so I can hook the left side behind my ear so people can actually see that I've got five piercings (that would be two and a half pairs for you fast readers who missed that ;) ). I like the spikiness of it.

I've started exercising again, which I'm happy about--I'm a major exercise-a-holic, even though it's not a weight issue. I just really like moving my body, but not outside, hell no; I prefer a controlled climate facility with a treadmill and cd walkman along with lots of cds, like Luna Sea, Silverchair, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Nine Inch Nails. I refuse to exercise outside.

I like Springer and all, but can you imagine being there for eight frickin' weeks?? Some people have actually done that, but I think two is enough for me. The eight-week thing must be for parents who really want there kids to get lost during the summer.

I didn't mean for the whole comment thing to sound like I just wanted 'hits' if it sounded that way. The message was mainly for my other friends who I informed of my blog and don't comment ever, so I was just wondering about them. No pressure on y'all, Lauren, Peter, Kim, and Nori. Just the obscure ones who want to know everything about my life and not reveal their sources to me ;).

Now that that's cleared up, bye then. ^-^
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