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We've started working on our final presentations at the Springer today; the song in musical theater is freakin' easy (thanks to my chorus experience); we're doing the same scene sequence in on camera that B-2 did, so it's pretty easy as well--the only challenging thing about it is coming up with a unique way to execute the lines without sounding contrived and believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds; I have no idea what our project in movement is (does it involve moving, mayhaps?), but we did do this really neat obstacle course, which I died in because someone stupidly decided to step in a little too early; don't know about the project in improve or voice, but we did rehearse our scene in scene study. It's an excerpt from the play "Sure Thing", and it's really interesting. Makes me want to read the original play sometime.

I am SO damn HAPPY that Kate Godwin withdrew. It makes me want to jump up and do a wonderfully lurid thankie dance at whoever was apart of getting her to stop coming. She was only there for one day. Thank you GOD for getting that bitch away from me one more time.

I'm so in the mood for reading something, but I don't know what; I still have to finish my two summer reading books too. I do need to finish "The Free Bards" by Mercedes Lackey sometime as well. It's a three-in-one trilogy book, so it may take me awhile, but I really like it so far. Not as good as "Brightly Burning" by her, but I'd rate it as second best out of the books I've read by her so far. "The Black Swan" would be farther up the line if it didn't have so much sex in it, which is a bit of a flaw in most of the books I've read by Lackey; if she only left in what was necessary to the storyline, the books would be so much better. That's another reason why "Brightly Burning" is easily my favorite book; no unnecessary sex, or rather, no sex at all. The end is very tragic, but I love it all the more because of it. Makes me want to read the book again.

I earned $25 from my babysitting job on Friday, and man was it an easy earn. All I had to do was watch them play outside and watch part of a movie, then it was off to bed at 9:00. Of course, they ended up in bed at 9:10 because Bryant was throwing a fit because I never read him a story even after we agreed that we would watch the rest of the movie instead of reading a book. I finally just picked him up and carried him to his bed, tucked him in, said goodnight, and left the room. Blake was very easy though, so that was good. Five year old boys are so annoying.

After they were in bed, I realized that I hadn't eaten dinner yet, so I heated up a Lean Cuisine in the microwave, got a glass of water, and watched Invader Zim at 9:30 while I ate. I first had to get through this really shitty cartoon Nick showed during the first half so they could only air a half an episode of IZ, which I was not happy about. Then they showed "Megadoomer" instead of "Walk for Your Lives" like they were supposed to, but you've probably already read that rant on Lauren's blog. After dinner, I helped myelf to some orange sherbet and slept until the Blackmon's arrived at around 11.

That was the easiest job I've ever gotten, and I hardly had to do anything. I haven't babysat for a year or so, so it was nice having an easy one for starters. Now I need to think of what to buy with the money. I did see someone selling both the "I Feel Sick" comics on ebay for $5 or so, but I want to look around a little more in some Hot Topics, although I haven't found them in any of the Hot Topics I've been to lately. Please tell me what to do; I'd really like those comics.

And if you're reading my blog and not commenting, shame on you. Just joking, but please leave at least one comment so I know who's reading it and so I know it's not just Kim, Peter and Lauren reading ;). I hope everyone has a wonderful week, 'cause I hope I will.
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