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Oh my God. . . could it be. . . that Catherine is actually. . .

. . .alive?


Hell has frozen over! I updated!! Woo! God, I'm getting notorious for not updating, aren't I?

Anyway, West Virginia and Raleigh were so much fun! I'm glad I was there, but I'm also glad I'm home. My main activity there was faithfully watching EVERY SINGLE soccer match in the FIFA World Cup. Yup, I watched all of the games at 2:30 am and 7:30 am, even when they came right after one another. Soccer is the only sports game that I will watch, and I am a loyal watcher of the FIFA World Cup. I think I'm going to play soccer next year at school; it would be pretty fun I think. I'm not happy that South Korea lost to Germany yesterday morning at 7:30, mainly because I've been watching them make their way up the ladder and surprise everyone by winning all of their matches, but they lost. I was unfortunately kind of expecting it, though; Kahn is considered the greatest goalkeeper in the world, and he does do a bitchin' job at it.

I finally got home from Raleigh today, and our family with the exception of Eric (and Dad of course) we went to Burger King for dinner with the Miles. It was so much fun, and it was great seeing Michael again. Johnathan was there too, and he was hilarious. Laura also dropped by later in the night to see us since we just got back in town, so it was nice seeing her too. I'm glad we were able to go tonight. ^-^

I just got done catching up with everyone's blogs and read the entry Kim wrote in her blog about how she met all of us, and I thought it was interesting to read from her point of view. I first heard about Kim from Peter, who talked about her a lot and all of the things they did together, like how they're in the same Japanese class and stuff. Well, I was curious about her and finally got to meet her when she and her friends started stopping by near my locker to talk to Peter in the morning before class started. She was really friendly and nice, and she was also very funny. Because I'm such a shy person, I didn't really do or say much at first, by as the days went on I got to know her a little better and started contributing to the conversation. I was really glad to see that there was another person who was as interested in anime and manga as I was, so it was a relief that Lauren, Peter, and I weren't alone in that interest. It's been really great getting to know her and becoming such good friends.

I drew a Naraku chibi from "Inu-Yasha" a few days ago for the first time, and he turned out really good. I love Naraku; he's got such good character, and he looks like he wears eyeliner and mascara (although he doesn't :p), and he's the most powerful villain in the series. He's my favorite character.

Sorry, random outburst of fandom ;).

Two more people have drawn Zyrus for me on the oekaki board--Paansu and Kai. I haven't drawn anything on the board for awhile, and I really need to. I'm so glad people are drawing my original character ^-^. It makes me happy.

I've noticed that I've been happy for quite some time now, which I think is great. I'm so afraid I'm going to fall into a depression as bad as I did before, but I think I'm actually beating it out this time. It makes me really happy, too. I should draw a picture of a thousand chibis dancing, since chibis are my specialty ^-^.

I'm also happy that I was able to rewrite two songs and write another while I was in Raleigh; I got the inspiration when Michael said my other two songs were fine the way they were, which really lifted my opinion about my songs. I also know that he wasn't just saying that, either -- Michael would tell me if I needed to improve anything. I'm hoping to write more songs in time to get them recorded at his house in August.

Well, that should be all for now. I'll try my hardest to update more frequently ;). Until then!
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