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WAAAAAHHHH!!!!! I CAN'T believe South Korea lost to TURKEY!!!!!! Where is the justice?? They SO deserved third place, not Turkey!!!!! It's all damn Sukur's fault; he scored a goal in the first ten seconds of the game, making FIFA Cup world history. It just isn't fair. T-T


That game was on at 1:30pm today. The final game is tomorrow at 6:30am with Brazil vs Germany, and you know I'll be up to watch it. I'm not one of those sissies who waits for the replay at 12:30pm; I want to see stuff happen when it happens. I'm going for Germany, even if they beat out South Korea in the last game; hey, I gotta go with my heritage, and like I said before, Kahn does a bitchin' good job at keeping. Yup, I be goin' for those square heads (I can say that because my dad's head is square too ^-^).

I was looking at some random blogs the other day and found something I didn't really appreciate; on this one person's blog, under his dislikes, he put catholics. Why must people lump all of us together and call us all bad for one person's mistake? Why must so many people hate us so much? It just gets on my nerves that people would hate someone just for being a certain religion and other stuff. I don't hate all Protestants for not being catholic, do I? Just the real bitchy ones that always say we're wrong. If I hated them for being Protestant, I wouldn't have half the friends I do now. Sometimes it really sucks being a minority, but I'm not ashamed of being catholic, either. I'm sure every religion has had at least one leader that screwed up before.

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system :).

I just can't wait to go to Atlanta with the Miles on Monday. Michael gave me a track listing of all the songs on the five cds he made for the trip, and it sounds really awesome. Some of the artists on it are Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, the Smashing Pumpkins, Ours, Travis, the Goo Goo Dolls, Wilco, and Stabbing Westward. It's going to be SO much fun!

Now that we've installed our new optic mouse on this computer, I've been able to draw much better oekakis than I used to. I'm also glad that so many people like my original character, Zyrus.

I want piccies of Ahn.

The weather sure has been weird today; it stormed for ten minutes, then stopped, then started up again. A tree fell on some power lines on Thursday and knocked the power out at our neighborhood for FOUR freakin' hours just as it was getting dark outside. I lit ten of my candles in my room, creating a very large fire hazard, but as you can see the house didn't burn to the ground. Kristen was at a friend's house last night, so it was nice and peaceful. She needs to do that more often ;).

I would go to bed early tonight to be well-rested for watching the World Cup tomorrow, but Adult Swim is on tonight, and I want to watch Hiei kick some ice demon butt on YuYu Hakusho at 11. I also want to see Cowboy Bebop, so the earliest I can go to bed is midnight. I've gone to bed later and had to get up at 2:30am to see a game before, so it won't matter too much. I swear I'll be nocturnal before the year is done O_o.

Well, those are my thoughts for now. Let's hope I wake up in time for the game tomorrow!
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