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Today's my first full day back at school. It was kind of tiring, but not really that bad. We can start taking our final in French if we want to--it's a five-minute interview with Mrs. Tymniak completely in French. It doesn't seem that bad, really; I may wait a few days to do mine, though.

We saw all of the candidates for the sophmore and junior politics people, and it wasn't very impressive--they just said their names and "vote for me". I don't know who I want to vote for really, but I sure know who I'm not voting for.

Today was a pretty normal day, really, so it wasn't very eventful. Lauren did change her blog, Misguided Roses. It went from a Kurama and Hiei chibi blog (which lasted two days) to a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac theme. Very interesting transition, but it looks really good. Check it out sometime.

I'm kind of worried about my college inquiry, but I found out today that I don't have as much work to do on it as I thought I did--I just hope I don't have to spend the enitre week on it.

I also found out today that the Holy Family Youth Group is recognized by very many people--the peeps down at the Relay for Life place were very pleased with all the money we've donated, which now is about $12,282. We've donated the most money so far, so I feel really good about it. Our Relay for Life shirts were also tie-dyed by the Miles, so now we'll really stand out at the Relay for Life this weekend. I can hardly wait until then!
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Encore étincelante
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