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Since I still had a fever this morning (at 100.0 degrees), Mom let me go to school late so I could sleep in and miss P.E. Even though I'm sick, I know Coach Cates would still make me participate or deduct points from my final grade. He's one of the coaches that actually makes you do stuff during the period, and he gets really mad if you forget your P.E. clothes--last time he screamed at Elizabeth and Jaime from across the gym and threw down the metal baseball bat in his hand. It was kind of scary, really. I just don't want to deal with that right now.

Mom brought me to school just as P.E. was ending, and I got there at the perfect time, too--turns out my class was outside on the field when it began to rain, so I could have been drenched while I was sick, which would have been really bad. Meredith was really happy to see me--I haven't been at school since last Wednesday. We talked some until 2nd period was over.

As I was going to Economics, I found my French teacher Mrs. Tymniak talking with Mrs. Wells, so we talked about the work I have to make up in her class. Luckily, all I have to do is make up a test and do my presentation for the family tree thing. I also have nothing to make up in Economics or Literary Types.

Speaking of Literary Types, we watched Zephyrelli's (sp?) version of "Romeo and Juliet" today. The color scheme was very pretty, but the guys really need some pants--all they're wearing are shirts and tights, so it's kind of, um, gross to see. Especially the tights with jester-like designs, if you know what I mean O_o.

Lauren got lots of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac pics today, and they're really cool. It's a very interesting comic series, and some people may have to take it with a pinch of salt; you just can't take it too seriously, or else it's kind of disturbing. I think it's funny, in a weird sort of way. My favorite characters are Squee and Devi.

I didn't really do very much today--I've been kind of worn out from actually going to school today. Maybe I'll have more to talk about tomorrow.
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