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Geez, compared to everybody else, maybe I'm a little too happy go lucky, but I guess there has to be one in every group, eh? I hope everyone gets through their problems and all. Kim, you need to get a comment box sometime--I really want to comment on your blog, and I LOVE your new layout. Rumiko Takahashi is a genius, no?

My college inquiry is FINALLY finished as well, and I'm so relieved. One more thing off my chest, thank God. Now all I have to worry about are finals, and those shouldn't be too stressful. Nothing can be more stressful than what I've already gone through this year.

Relay for Life was SO much fun!! Lauren and I hung out with Peter most of the time, and it was great. I love being able to talk about anything with my best friends. Michael also played with two of his band members, Skippy and Jason, at our tent, which really set the mood. James had his cello, and Skippy had a snare and a cymbal, while Michael used his acoustic. It was so awesome; I listened to them the entire time they played. I hope I get to take bass lessons with James sometime--I just need to e-mail him with an answer.

Everyone's blogs look so good! It makes me want to have a new one, but what of? I love my Hiei theme, and I want to use another one of my favorite characters, but which one? Any suggestions? I'll have to think about it for a bit and set Lauren right to work on making it for me! ;)

I think sometime during the summer when we all have some money Peter, Kim, Lauren, and I should go to an anime shop or the mall or something and have a total guilt-free shopping spree to celebrate the end of the school year. Wouldn't that be awesome? We need to talk about it sometime.

Well, I'll just end this entry with a classic quote from Invader Zim:

Gir: "I'm gonna be sick!" ::throws up chocolate in Zim's lap::

I cracked up at that part. Well, see ya!
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