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Today was Day of Distinction, so everyone was dressed up for it. When we went to the gym, my name wasn't listed for any awards for some strange reason (I knew I was getting at least one), so we had to write a note and give to Mrs. Bryant so she would call out my name during the All State winners' awards. I sat with the other All State winners, and Peter was sitting in front of me, so that was cool. Mrs. Bryant did call out my name, fortunately, but when they called out the names and awards for the double winners (of which Lauren was apart of), I discovered why I wasn't listed; they had put my All State award under Lauren's name instead of mine. Why are there stupid people in this world?

Anyway, not much else happened at school. The reason I never received an academic letter was because Mrs. Moore never informed us of the dates to apply for one, so I never had the chance to get one. I talked to Mrs. Stewart about this, and she told me she would try to see if I can still apply for one. I really hope I still have the chance; it makes me so mad that I was never told about it at all.

All five of us (Mom and the four offspring) went to the Jamboree at church tongiht. It was SOOO much fun! Peter, Lauren, and I drew pictures on the ground with chalk and wrote different messages in different languages (Peter wrote in Japanese and I wrote in French). The Miles famile and Laura were there as well, and Michael drew some to. He even contributed to our international messages by writing stuff in French. Peter drew a picture of Seymour, Homunculus, and himself; Lauren drew a picture of me and herself; and I drew a picture of Michael. Country's catered, so the barbeque was really good; so was the stew, eh Peter? :D

Peter taught Lauren how to dance a little bit, which was really cute; they're just so cute together because they're so much alike! We all went inside and I stayed with Michael at the piano where we tried to figure out what songs for him to play that I could sing to, which was really fun. I love that Juliana Theory song (I wish I could remember the name ;.;), and I'm glad Michael can play it. It's just so beautiful to me.

Later, Mrs. Miles came in and told us to come outside because we had been there awhile, so we went outside and danced with everyone some. I didn't really have anyone to dance with, so I soon returned to the rest of the family. We left at 9:30 or so.

Tomorrow's the car wash. I know that's going to be fun!

See ya~
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